Windows 10: Fast Start and shutdown behaving a little oddly. Solved

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    W10 pro x64 and W8.1 x86
       29 Oct 2017 #1

    Fast Start and shutdown behaving a little oddly.

    I have 'Fast Start' enabled in power options. It is ticked as being on.

    That said it is only fair to say that I deliberately did have it turned off while initially clean installing and setting up FCU a couple of weeks ago.

    So... a few days ago I turned it back on and noted that start up times were more where I would expect. About 14 seconds which is a little slower than I had been getting on my previous x86 install. Still good though. Without 'Fast Start' enabled they are nearer 20 secs.

    Shutdown is odd. I am still getting the same 'slow' shutdown as if Fast Start' was not enabled, and this can be anything up to 20 to 25 seconds. I am using the Start Menu right click option to shutdown.

    My power plans are set to allow the power button to also 'shutdown' and I find when I use this method I get a shutdown time of just 3 or 4 seconds compared to 20 to 25 seconds using the start menu option. Having shutdown from the power button I found the restarts (edit... meaning a cold start) are very quick, around 10 seconds.

    So the bottom line appears to be that the start menu shutdown is not doing what it should but the power button shutdown is.
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    With this batch script you can automatically close apps not responding at shutdown in Windows. Please execute the batch script as a administrator.
    Fast Start and shutdown behaving a little oddly. Attached Files
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    I suppose you might wonder if something is limiting the write speed to your disk- saving to hiberfil.sys on shutting down.
    (A number of people have reported transfer rate limitations)

    But a simpler consideration is this:
    Fast startup saves data to hiberfil.sys on shutting down. A straight shut-down which 'only' has to close processes and not prepare for fast start-up requires less work.

    Do you really want Fast startup anyway?
    Windows 10 Fast Startup could be detrimental to your computer
    Recommending Users Turn Off Fast Start | Norton Community
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    W10 pro x64 and W8.1 x86
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       29 Oct 2017 #4

    The odd thing though is that shutdown via the power button (its a laptop) is seemingly consistently rapid, I timed it at just 2 seconds last time. Do the shutdown via the start menu option and its 20-25 seconds. That's what I don't understand.

    My last CU installation had rapid shutdown via either method.

    Do I want fast startup... well I always used the default setting in the past and never had any issues, and I only got curious when it cropped up in a thread a month or so back.

    Why should shutdown via the power button be different to using the start menu option ?
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    W10 pro x64 and W8.1 x86
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       29 Oct 2017 #5

    FreeBooter said: View Post
    With this batch script you can automatically close apps not responding at shutdown in Windows. Please execute the batch script as a administrator.
    Thanks :) There are no apps open, nothing hanging, it just does a normal standard shutdown via the start menu.
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    Shutdown delay is caused by Windows waiting for applications and services to respond to the shutdown command. I don't know why there is a delay when computer is shutdown from Windows 10 but what i know is computer will shutdown faster if you use my batch script.
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    Processes do need to shut down cleanly and save data and settings in some cases.
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    W10 pro x64 and W8.1 x86
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       30 Oct 2017 #8

    Another odd discovery in all this. Right clicking the start menu and selecting shut down (as I always have) gives the slow shutdown. If I left click the start menu and use the shutdown available from the 'Power' symbol I get the instant shutdown.
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       30 Oct 2017 #9

    I'm actually wondering if something has changed with FCU. Reading Shawns W8.1 Tutorial on Fast Start and there is specific mention that using what I refer to as the start menu shutdown does indeed do a full shutdown and not the hybrid shutdown.

    If you shut down from the WIN+X menu in Windows 8.1, it will perform a full shutdown instead of a hybrid shutdown even if you have Fast Startup turned on.
    Second image here:
    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    And this is what is happening for me.
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    Shutdown must have been changed with FCU now we have new feature which saves your open programs so it can be started again when you login to Windows i'm sure saving open programs must slow down shutdown.
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