After Creators Update 2 thumbnails cache keeps auto-deleting Solved

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  1.    14 Dec 2017 #61

    That did the trick! SOLVED

    ylm said: View Post
    I think I found another solution, actually it's unnecessary to completely disable Automatic Maintenance with the FreeBooter script (post #7). I identified the culprit, it's "SilentCleanup" in Windows Task Manager (Microsoft / Windows / DiskCleanup). This task seems crappy, when you manually launch it you'll see your thumbnails disappear. Obviously, we could eventually disable this task but it's not the best setting because we disable all other automatic cleaning tasks (temporary installation files, downloaded program files, Windows updates, memory dump files, etc.).The smartest setting IMHO, it's to disable only the part managing the automatic cleaning of thumbnails cache.

    To do that, run Regedit.exe and browse the following path:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches\Thumbnail Cache

    Modify Autoruns DWORD and set its value to 0 and reboot your computer.

    Now Automatic Maintenance should no longer delete your thumbnails.

    I applied this change 2 days ago and I have no problem since.

    Let me know it worked for you, otherwise I'll try to find another fix.

    I hope this will help you.
    I created an account to say thank you and let you know that this has - so far anyway after 24+ hours - worked for me. I'd been trawling Google and help forums trying to get at the solution. So I'm gonna put a big ol' SOLVED in this reply and in the title hoping that keyword attracts anyone else on the hunt for answers. Much appreciated!
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
       27 Dec 2017 #62

    Scottyboy99 said: View Post
    It seems there is more than the one issue. Size issues of the thumbnail cache if too many pictures are in 1 folder. And then the thumbnail cache being deleted during auto maintenance. My issue is the latter, whereby every single thumbnail is reset whether it be pics, videos, office docs etc. I have applied the DWORD suggestion on both my machines today and will monitor my thumbnails closely in the coming days. I am a little wary of side effects from changing the DWORD from its default setting. Hopefully it will quietly prevent the thumbnails regenerating and not interfere with the other aspects of automatic maintenance such as disk cleanup, deleting windows.old, etc etc. It sounds like it will do the trick. I wonder if anyone else who has applied this registry edit can confirm automatic maintenance is still doing its job ok?

    thanks, Wayne
    Hi. I found this thread yesterday and applied the DWORD suggestion on my desktop PC. Now when I check task scheduler, I am seeing the operator or admin has refused the request under disk cleanup, see attached image. With DWORD set to default, it says operation has completed successfully. Can anyone who applied the DWORD suggestion confirm this? Open task scheduler, go to Microsoft, Windows and Disk Cleanup. Thanks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3.    27 Dec 2017 #63

    I’m not at home to check but I think that is a misleading report from the scheduler. I did the registry edit and can confirm disk clean up still seems to be working via automatic maintenance. After the last cumulative update I left the pc idle and after returning to it I noticed I got some disk space back so it appears it is still working and only suppressing the thumbnail cache deletion. But I’d be very interested to see what others are seeing relating to this and whether their disk clean ups are still working automatically
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  4.    08 Jan 2018 #64

    Increase Thumbnail Cache Size - Lifesaver

    payymon said: View Post
    Is there any way to increase the size limitation of thumbcache_96.db and thumbcache_1280.db?
    Yes, there is! I too am a photographer and videographer with tons of files. This building and rebuilding of thumbnails was driving me crazy. Finding this solution should hopefully be the last part of the equation. The first part is to increase the size of the thumbnail cache. The default in windows 10 is 550 mb (or just over .5 gb). I'll show you below how to increase to 4 gb (or more if your want).
    Increase Icon Cache Size

    Icon Cache Size - Change in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums

    To begin, first create a system restore point. Should something go wrong, you will be able to restore your computer back to this point.Having done that, open WinX Menu and select Run. Type regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.Now navigate to the following registry key:

    Now right-click and create a new REG_SZ (String Value) and name it Max Cached Icons.Give it a value of 4096 (4MB) or 8192 which is 8MB.
    Save and exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.
    See if this gives you positive results.If the results are not to your expectation, you may delete the created REG_SZ (String Value) or change its value to 500, which is the default value.
    You may also restore your computer to the created restore point, if you wish.

    After this I read in various other places that it is best to put a value of 4096 there. Anything above that actually cause performance issues. So, I would start with 4096 and see what happens. If you run out of space try doubling and see what happens. This will take you from the default of 550 to 4096! This is over 8x the size. After I did this, I went in I went to this folder and kept it open as I went to various folders with pictures and videos and watched it grow and grow. Your getting 4 gb of cache so hopefully that will be enough.

    Good luck!
    Last edited by Brink; 14 Jan 2018 at 13:58. Reason: updated link
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  5.    13 Jan 2018 #65

    Scorps15 said: View Post
    Yes, there is!
    Thanks for this my setup is still struggling after the 1709 update, so i will try this next.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
       14 Jan 2018 #66

    Twice a year, when Windows is upgraded to new version, all thumbnails will be lost again.
    Many other settings and configurations are also lost - every time.
    Dear Microsoft: It's completely untenable.
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  7.    14 Jan 2018 #67

    Yep, drives me crazy. This registry edit will have to be re done with the next feature update. Why they have to roll out so many updates is beyond me, they seem to break more than they fix. This bug for example will probably never be fixed by MS
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  8.    14 Jan 2018 #68

    Not helpful I know! But I have 3 PC's, a desktop and 2 laptops running Windows 10, all fully updated, and I have no problems with updates or thumbnails or anything? Should I complain to Microsoft?
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  9.    14 Jan 2018 #69

    This is a serious problem for any photographer. I had just rebuilt an image cache in a folder when an update killed all my thumbnails all over again. I have followed the instructions in this PC World article -- and it works, but only until the next Windows update.

    I'm on a Dell XPS 8900 with a Core i7 processor and 32GB RAM. Nevertheless, all work on photography must come to a standstill as I plod through the rebuilding of my thumbnail cache, row by row. Even if you let the thumbnails rebuild in small view, you have to wait all over again if you want to switch to very large thumbnails. This is a nasty fricking bug!
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       14 Jan 2018 #70

    If working with a lot of images why not just use a dedicated third party image viewer that can use it's own dedicated thumbnail cache?
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