Has anyone decided to go back to 7 or 8.1?

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  1.    23 Oct 2017 #31

    Bree said: View Post
    And if the ever do - I have my 'Plan B' :)

    Hmmm..... plan B, C, and D for me is still Windows

    Thankfully we don't have to worry about that yet :)
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       23 Oct 2017 #32

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    Enterprise and Pro can currently be volume licensed. Home can't though. Pro can also be switched to VL, or upgraded to Enterprise with a simple product key change.
    Yes but the user has to do it and not MS.
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       23 Oct 2017 #33

    Yes my wife's HP all in one touch screen, Is still on 8.1 Pro, I have no intention of upgrading it to 10. I have 2 desktops that I upgraded to FCU with no issues that I've noticed yet.
    My Asus G752VY gaming notebook, I was not so lucky with, after 4 attempts I finally did a clean install with FCU, not many problems a few things don't work. Like my Gadgets CPU Meter and GPU neither work and neither are showing my Temps Hope the Adgadget guy fixes them
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       23 Oct 2017 #34

    7 was a great OS for it's day. Performed a lot of business tasks on it. 8/8.1 was love at first site for me. Brilliant concept. Security, navigation of the Start Screen, instant personal data info via live tiles, personalization, the intro of UWP apps (which admittedly sucked then but are much better now), online searching, stability, and more. I would have never gone back to 7 then let alone now.

    It took me some time to warm up to 10 mainly because, as a keyboarder, it has focus problems when navigating screens. Mostly due to touch/mouse centricity. Dual booted with 8.1 for awhile, then switched over. Although I found 8.1 easier to navigate, 10 has so many more features. It was actually my Windows 10 Lumia that convinced me to switch over on PCs.

    Feature and security updates will always be a problem on some machines. It's a hit and miss. I remember having problems with 7 SP1, but finally worked out. It was drivers. Nothing new really. A greater percentage of problems are drivers. It seems MS is working at an ever faster pace for OEMs and device manufactures to keep up with.
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       24 Oct 2017 #35

    Intrepid1 said: View Post
    Yes, I can. It's also common sense. It's already a subscription service for enterprise, and I guarantee it will happen with Consumers. Not this year. Maybe not next year. But it will happen within the next 3 to 5 years. They will likely wait until end of life for Windows 7 which is January 14, 2020 or Windows 8.1 which is January 10, 2023.
    Microsoft Unveils Business Subscription Model for Windows, Office - ExtremeTech

    Windows 10 Subscription Activation | Microsoft Docs
    Thanks for the links. I see a lot of replies in the last 12 hours that pretty much seem to cover all the options and what is happening.
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  6.    24 Oct 2017 #36

    I don't have to go back, I'm already there, triple BOOT with W10 on one SSD, W7 on another and Linux Mint on a HDD (for now). W10 is "daily runner", on insider versions on 2 PCs, W7 for some games (to keep W10 clean) and Linux for other stuff, highly specialized.
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       24 Oct 2017 #37

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    I wouldn't rule it out either; I've had this sneaking suspicion they would somewhere down the line. Still, unless Microsoft actually states it, it's still rumor mill.
    They're certainly not going to state it whilst people are still able to install proper versions of Windows (e.g. W7 or even W8.1).
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  8.    24 Oct 2017 #38

    Late to the party, but here's my take: After Microsoft has decided to dispense with quality control (and instead rely on the confused ramblings of random strangers on the internet, aka the "Windows Insider Program" ) it's no surprise that Windows 10 continues to be a hopeless mess. A collection of "features" nobody wants, poorly conceived attempts to turn a computer into a cell phone, and half-broken and clearly unfinished stuff all over the place. There was a time when software of that quality might have barely qualified for beta status, but this is the new normal we are dealing with. Things get worse when you look at what's going on under the hood: Random component crashes all over the place, unfixable DCOM errors, ill-formed manifest files that have not been fixed for years, the list goes on and on. Despite all this, and making matters worse, there seems to be a customer demographics that are perfectly happy with this state of affairs, and we have the appearance of a "fanboy" culture of the type that used to be confined to Apple products. Oh well.

    Long story short, for me: No, with Microsoft having crippled Windows 7 to not run on modern hardware anymore, unfortunately going back to Windows 7 is not an option. This despite the fact that Windows 7 was the last quality OS from Microsoft, which was and still is far superior to anything that came after it. If the computer is a tool for productivity for you, that is, rather than a toy. So, I have ordered a Macbook Pro now, and there's a good chance I will completely abandon the Microsoft ecosystem from here on out. Too bad, we had a good couple of decades together, but eventually all good things must end. This is clearly what's happening to Microsoft, who seem to have lost control of their code base. Good luck to those who stay, you'll need it.
    Last edited by Pirx; 24 Oct 2017 at 09:44.
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       24 Oct 2017 #39

    Hahhah, @Pirx, some of your comments make me laugh!

    I don't know a single thing related to work that can only be done on Windows 7 but not on 10. BUT I know a lot of Windows 10 features that make me more efficient that are non-existant in all older Windows editions.

    DCOM errors? I have none.

    Random crashes? There is no such thing...sure if something is not working correctly it may appear components are crashing randomly.
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  10.    24 Oct 2017 #40

    Yep, I barely get done with that fanboy comment and someone feels the urge to demonstrate.
    And, yes, "something is not working correctly". Duh. It's many things, actually, with WinX.
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