Windows 10: Has anyone decided to go back to 7 or 8.1?

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    Kari said: View Post
    Some posts from representants of tinfoil hat brigade make me laugh, some make me feel sorry for the poster, all of them make me wish poster can get professional help and medication checked.
    That a lot like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it :)
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    I find a MS account very useful. Not sure what Google has anymore since I got rid of my Droid X2 and closed that account. One of the reasons why I bought a Windows phone is to stay within one ecosystem. If people are against accounts, close your Google account and see how useful your phone is then. Or an Apple account.

    I see people are misinformed about an MS account. There's a privacy tab in the account online that has all the settings one could want for privacy. How many emails or not. Advertising limitations. Even their ad partners can be blocked.
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    To answer the OP's question. No, I have not.
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    Not at all. I came back to windows as my daily driver because of 10. I like it a lot and have had no problems whatsoever with the fall update.

    7 was a good os for it's time, xp was good for it's time, 98 se (the paid bug fix) was good also but I would not even consider running anything but 10 unless I had an old computer.
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    slicendice said: View Post
    This is total nonsense! Do you really think Windows would even exist if MS would deliberately confuse users?
    I notice you carefully edited out the example that demonstrated the point.
    lehnerus2000 said: View Post
    Just like the infamous closing a GWX dialog window would be treated as "yes please install W10".

    15 years ago, Windows was clearly superior to other desktop operating systems (i.e. easier for average users to operate).
    Linux Distros were clunky (only partially true these days).
    Macs were hideously expensive (and they still are).

    The majority of useful software was written for Windows, this includes Office which was used by almost every Western business.
    Backwards compatibility was the major selling point of Windows, "Your old software works on the latest version of Windows".

    Today businesses still need to run business software and most of that software is still Windows-based.

    Since Smart Phones can now make calls, take selfies, allow access to Facebook and Twitter, the average person no longer needs a desktop.

    Then we have this:
    Kari said: View Post
    @roy111: My sincere apologies!

    I was going to post something along the lines "When you are wrong you need to be willing to admit it." Now it seems I have to big enough man to follow my own advice and admit that you were right, I was wrong.


    It literally translates as follows:

    You are about to set up an offline account, but I want to make sure that you know that Windows works much better with a Microsoft account. Do you want to continue anyway?
    The question is asked in a way that clearly implies that by answering Si (yes) to question "continuing anyway" you will continue with offline local account, which in fact is not true; to continue with local account you need to click No. The question is stunningly misleadingly formulated!

    Long story short: you were right, I was terribly wrong. I am really sorry.

    Kari who has demonstrated indisputable technical prowess over multiple versions of Windows (unlike yourself) concedes that MS chose misleading wording.

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    I'm curious why one would want to use the OS without using the Microsoft account? Seems to me like crippling the system.
    I'm sure MS sees it that way.

    It would be hypocritical for me to make it easy for MS to constantly track me, when I run various blockers to in an attempt to prevent Google (and others) from doing it.

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    jimbo45 said: View Post
    not wishing to hijack the thread but I for the life of me cannot understand why one would ever need to use a Ms account.
    LOL - That's actually the question I asked, and Kari and I were discussing :)
    Perhaps you should read what jimbo45 actually posted.

    (Note: Quote emphasis added by me)
    Last edited by lehnerus2000; 26 Oct 2017 at 21:22. Reason: Quote Added
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