Windows 10: Freezing desktop and taskbar icons and freezing applications

  1.    21 Oct 2017 #1

    Freezing desktop and taskbar icons and freezing applications


    Wondering if anybody can help with a windows 10 issue

    My pc has been working fine for weeks now
    Suddenly, over the last few days its developed an issue that seems to be getting progressively worse

    Basically, all the desktop and taskbar icons keep freezing up so I cannot click on anything
    Even when starting up and choosing an account, this seems to stop working
    The only way I can get to another account is by tabbing through and pressing return

    Once I am in, I was able to click on one application to launch it
    After doing this, again all the taskbar and desktop icons stop working
    I say was as I cannot even launch a single app now

    What I can do is press ctrl, alt, delete and start task manager
    Once this has started, the icons work again
    But, again, once I've launch something they stop working until I launch task manager again
    Also, when in something like Word, the ability to click on literally anything stops after a while - again, task manager fixes this

    I've also noticed that if I go into something like chrome or IE, it seems to work but if I leave it for a few seconds it automatically goes back to the previous screen or, if I am scrolling down a page it will suddenly take me back to the top
    As of today, IE now seems to have stopped altogether
    It launches but then closes almost immediately

    I've tried creating and using a new account - hard work setting up as this kept freezing but I got there
    No success

    I've fully virus scanned a couple of time - no problems

    I've run PC repair (reimage tool) through
    It found a couple of APP issues but no real problems

    CPU, Memory and Disk are all relatively low

    Has anybody seen this before?
    Any thoughts please as I can't really use it at the moment - typing this on another laptop as it shut the browser down part way through on my PC!


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       21 Oct 2017 #2

    Hi Damian.

    Not to challenge but how do you know disk is okay? (Seatools by Seagate)

    Is reliability history reporting anything?

    What tool are you using for AV scan, Malwarebytes?

    Does this PC have the same behaviour in Safe Mode. (hold shift key down, click restart).
    Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

    Try Malwarebytes in Safe Mode if your PC acts normally when in Safe Mode.

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  3.    21 Oct 2017 #3

    Thanks for the response Ken
    I thought safe mode was working but it's just froze again

    Regarding AV, I'm using Mcafee
    I can't seem to start this is safe mode

    Nothing in reliability history

    When I say the disk is ok, I'm referring to the monitor via task manager
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       21 Oct 2017 #4

    If this is happening in Safe Mode I would suspect hardware issue.

    I would get my data copied off priority one, even before testing disk.

    This boot disk might make it easier although to copy disk you have to access the disk. Not saying it is disk but better safe than sorry.

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

    Then head to seagate and get seatools. Check SMART status first.

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       21 Oct 2017 #5

    Hi damianc and welcome to Tenforums

    I would second Ken about full scan with Malwarebytes. About antivirus... there are better free options than Mcafee. Even using Windows defender would be better. Scan with ADWcleaner would be fine, too.

    What is Task manager showing, when computer acts sluggish? Is any process showing too much CPU or disk usage?

    Another quick suggestion: make a test with another keyboard and mouse.
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  6.    21 Oct 2017 #6


    Task manager doesn't seem to spike when sluggish
    I've left it open while I get the issue and there doesn't appear to be anything major going on

    Unfortunately, I don't have another keyboard or mouse but may be able to borrow one

    I'll get my data copied off, look at the bootdisk then look at seatools

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       21 Oct 2017 #7

    damianc said: View Post

    Task manager doesn't seem to spike when sluggish
    I've left it open while I get the issue and there doesn't appear to be anything major going on

    Unfortunately, I don't have another keyboard or mouse but may be able to borrow one

    I'll get my data copied off, look at the bootdisk then look at seatools

    Sound like a plan don't forget to scan with Malwarebytes
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  8.    25 Oct 2017 #8


    Followed the suggested steps.
    Thought it was working ok but it's locked again
    Back to showing the same symptoms so sadly, I don't think I'm any further on

    Any other suggestions?

    Can't help feeling like it's either missing a file or something key is corrupted

    Nothing shows up via Seagate, scandisc, virus scans (mcafee), malwarebytes
    Still also seems to be an issue in safemode

    Wondering where to go next...

    Extreme but I'm thinking about formatting and starting again
    Never done that before though so any useful links to a step-by-step approach would be useful
    Including windows 10

    I do not have a Windows 10 disc - only a windows 8 that came with my PC
    I installed 10 for free some time ago by following a link when MS were really pushing windows 10


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       25 Oct 2017 #9

    Before you do a clean install (this is good solution, if your hardware is OK and you have time...) try to scan again with ADWcleaner (Download from original site or reputable - like Softpedia).

    Did you install latest Windows update (October 17th)? If your system performed well before, it could be this update) If you didn't update to new version, this update could solve your problems (if PC isn't infected by malware).

    Regarding your licence. Clean install will be fine, just skip inserting key, Windows should activate automatically on the same machine (once activated).
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  10.    25 Oct 2017 #10

    Hi, there are plenty of threads on the forum on freezing issues- feel free to search the forum for
    and you may find some more ideas.

    I believe you've checked your disk (Hard Disk Sentinel (trial) is good)
    You could try a surface scan too (as your PC freezes, try Kyhi's boot disk, available from the top of the Software and Apps section).
    E.g. HD Tune (error scan) - available on that boot disk

    Try a RAM check.

    Have you had any recent updates that might account for this? (See your Update History).

    Clean install links:
    Download Windows 10 ISO File[/U][/URL]
    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10[/U][/URL]
    Clean Install Windows 10[/U][/URL]

    Please feel free to search the extensive tutorials:
    Windows 10 Tutorial Index Tutorials
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