Windows 10: I Don't like Windows Ten. Solved

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  1.    30 Jul 2015 #21

    Windows 10 is way better than 8.1 imo.. What are you missing in 10 that you had in 8.1? Curious...

    Edit: Never mind, I just read your post. You're issue was the mail app. Fair enough. I personally never use it, or many of the metro apps for that matter. As a mouse and keyboard user, I find 10 to be a lot more accommodating than 8 or 8.1. I use outlook for mail though.

    You might try live essentials.. Live mail is better imo there simply for the ability to block senders, etc... I can't use a mail app any more without the ability to manage spam, but that is just me.
    Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
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  2.    31 Jul 2015 #22

    I decided to stay with Ten, as I solved the problem I had. The problem was that the Graphics driver, didn't install, although it went through all the motions. I re-installed it, and now it's all good!
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  3.    31 Jul 2015 #23

    xXTenXx said: View Post
    I decided to stay with Ten, as I solved the problem I had. The problem was that the Graphics driver, didn't install, although it went through all the motions. I re-installed it, and now it's all good!
    Good deal.. try it out.. if you still don't like it go back to the previous OS.
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  4.    31 Jul 2015 #24

    I am sure win 10 will ge a good upgrade, but ..................................... going to wait
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  5.    04 Aug 2015 #25

    I had read so much conflicting reports I doubted my sanity but, when I had to opportunity to download I hit the button!!

    Very pleased that I did so, its very good. Takes a bit of practice but worth it, it IS free you know. Nice to have windows sounds back again too.

    So far I have found it to be very solid, runs very smoothly and fast, I still have to fully customise it, lots of rubbish I do not want in apps, but overall, at the moment, I give it a 9.

    Obviously, older machines will struggle, so consider going for gold!
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  6.    04 Aug 2015 #26

    darkschneider94 said: View Post
    go back to 8.1 omg never I either stay with 10 or go back to my 7. I loaded 10 on my laptop leaving my desktop at 7 for know as its my baby and it works perfect. that old saying if it aint broke dont fix it. But I'm giving 10 the old chance on my laptop and I have to say not to bad like it better then the priview builds although alot of crap i had to turn off and remove. i havent even installed classic shell like i did on the preview build giving the new menu more of a chance which seems better on the release. just seems to run slow vs my 7 and wish there was more of a black theme like 7 i'm not digging the white or the windows hero login hopefully a way to change that will come along.
    I loved Windows 7, but Windows 10 is rapidly growing on me. It also seems to tune itself, started off slow in response, but has rapidly speeded up. By the way you can change the theme fairly easily under Personalization. I also hated the white borders, but played around till I am now very happy with the look. There's an excellent tutorial on this forum: –
    Event Viewer One Click Clear - Windows 7 Help Forums

    There are several others in that section, that are also helpful.

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  7.    04 Aug 2015 #27

    change your spec snakeyes!! I agree with you too. Some people dont like change, its not in their scope. Persevere and it will come to you very quickly. No going back for me. Now I wait for my laptop notification to shine through, so I can change that too.
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  8.    04 Aug 2015 #28

    Appreciate the heads up on the specs. By the way, I got tired of waiting for the Windows 10 notification and used the media tool instead. Worked like a charm.
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       04 Aug 2015 #29

    I've always perceived myself as an early-adopter. Back in the previous century I installed Windows 2000 on my first Fujitsu laptop as soon as it had become available and I loved it. Having worked with XP for several years I just could not wait for the 7 to arrive. It landed on my ThinkPad the very first day after commercial launch and it's still there, untouched, never reinstalled, loaded with stuff and rock stable.

    I visited the 8.x but was quickly repelled by its awkwardness for a desktop-oriented IT professional that I am.

    Then came the Insider program for Windows 10. It looked really promising, getting rid of the awkward parts of 8.x, deepening touch-oriented optimisation and (supposedly) bringing more uniform experience across all device formats. My excitement grew with each new build as the system matured, stabilised and was getting more and more polish.

    When The Day came, I made a clone of my production 7 in a separate partition and upgraded to build 10240. After a few hours of tweaking (removing obsolete Lenovo stuff, updating drivers, etc.) my shining new 10 was ready. After that, the more I am using it the less I like it. I am really trying to convince myself to what MS sells as the best Windows ever, but each day and each task it deserves less and less to be called Professional.

    It represents the philosophy "MS knows better". The new "Setings" are dumb and stripped of many vital items. To make things worse, traditional Control Panel and even "God Mode" were stripped too. There's very limited control over networks (gone is renaming, merging and changing profile, which I do frequently being a roaming user). There is almost no control over updates (to be honest, the "Show and Hide" diagcab is rubbish).

    One could argue that there is Power Shell to deal with that. Heck! My productivity is elsewhere, I am not getting paid for spending time programming my own stuff for tasks that used to be just there.

    I got used to hibernating my W7 instead of shutting it down and I have uptimes lasting weeks without restart and I usually restart my 7 only when required by updates. In Windows 10 it takes AGES to resume from hibernation. Bear in mind that both instances are nearly identical, with 10 having slightly less software installed.

    Networking in W7 works flawlessly, while it has some hiccups and limps in W10.

    Mouse wheel does not scroll modern (universal) apps, including Edge and settings. Annoying like hell. It could be the Synaptics driver. It was demoted to one version back, as the Windows 10 version does not retain settings and reverts to defaults upon each login

    On the upside - there is much better support for multiple monitors in W10 and there's Hyper-V. I like the Hello concept, with native support for biometrics such as fingerprint reader.

    I'll give Windows 10 a go for a few more days and then I'll probably dump it in favour of my good old Windows 7. I'll stay insider anyway - to give MS another shot and see what they'll come up with later this year
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  10.    04 Aug 2015 #30

    poset, If you do give it a few days (hopefully quite a few days) please post your final decision. Just curious.
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