Before all, I am autistic with ADHD, and with a few questions.

So, I received the Win 10 Pro N, but before continuing, I made a Ghost of my current system.
I figured, since this be a new era, to get me a clean install of W10Pro.
Put the ISO to disk, reboot, setup, fill in key, continue, all is going well, then finally: the desktop.
The very first thing I did was turn of my machine, put the diskmanager cd in the CD drive and format the bloody drive.
GOD How I hate that Metro'ish thing, it yells at you, it clutters where-ever you look, bah, I despice it.
My W7U had a clean nice desktop, no clutter, no icons, CLEAN, my taskbar was set up so I had Administrator Tools and Control Panel as menu on it, all PERFECTLY set for my person.

I had W8U, I killed it the moment I saw the desktop, or rather, the lack of it.
Metro kept creeping up.
And my taskbar... well, it wasn't there at all.

Bought W8.1, killed it the moment I saw, again, Metro and was unable to add Administrator Tools/Control Panel as menu to my bar, as is on W7U.
2 operating systems bought, unusable.

And thus I am back at my old, trusted W7U.

Now, I was thinking: if I, instead of making a clean install, would upgrade my current system, will that PoS Metro'ish thing overrule my taskbar setting and desktop?
If so, can I revert to my old desktop, but still run W10Pro?
If yes, how do I do this?
If no, why on Earth has this option not been implemented?
If no, is there a way to suggest such option?

Thank you beforehand: