I'm monitoring workstations using WMIC.
In a few cases, I'm getting "The RPC service is unavailable".
There is quite an extensive bunch of settings on the workstation that are used to make this possible - permissions, ports, etc.
Occasionally all of these setting efforts don't seem to work.
Turning off the Windows firewall does no good - so it's not the firewall it appears.
The RPC service is running.
DCOM permissions are set but which ones seem to be a question. I'm afraid that some writers just throw the kitchen sink at this and call for more than are needed.
It seems I'm looking for an obscure setting that's not on my list for setup.

I know this is quite an open question but I'm running out of ideas. I have a couple of computers that are doing this right now and haven't been able to fix them (out of around 50 computers).