OK this is really hard to explain. Last night I had a folder opened with some mkv files inside. I accidently pressed something on my keyboard and now that particular folder has sort of made another folder for all these videos. I tried to undo and it does not work. I have moved the files out of the folder, deleted the folder and then recreated it, but it just puts it into this weird folder again. If I do not give the folder the same name, it will work like normal, but as soon as I name it how I want it to be named, it recreates the whole MKV Video thing again.

Things to note:
If I click the folder from the file tree on the left it shows the folder exactly how it should be shown without this MKV Videos thing.

When I right click MKV Videos, I do not get normal folder options.

I cannot rename MKV Videos to anything else.

It is not read only

I can't delete it.

I can pretty much just open it to see the videos.

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This is what it looks like before I go into the folder

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This is what happened when I pressed whatever I pressed on the keyboard.

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These are the right click options

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And this is inside MKV Video