Hi all!

First time posting here. I have a bit of a problem and I need help figuring this out. So, when I go to Project to either extend, duplicate or change screens, if I click PC screen (top option), Windows automatically switches to my "other" display.

This all started today when I installed a new graphics card. Before, if I was extending my screens, when I clicked PC Screen under Project, I would get my "main" monitor. After the install, Windows now calls my "other" monitor the "PC Screen" and my "main" as the "Second Screen".

I have tried just about everything I can think of. I have gone to Windows settings and made my "main" monitor the primary display. I used the Nvidia Control Panel to make my "main" monitor the primary display. Windows even has the "main" numbered as 1 and the "other" as 2. In settings, under display, on the dropdown where you choose extend, duplicate, show only on 1, or show only on 2, if I choose 1, it gives me my "main" display. Even BIOS knows that my "main" is the primary monitor. When I full shutdown or restart, BIOS shows up on my "main". Then, Windows switches to the "other" as it loads up. It will show up on my "main" only if I left Windows on "Second Screen" before shutdown or restart. I tried full shutdown, then disconnecting the "other" monitor, powering on then connecting the "other" back once I was at the desktop and it still moved over to the other monitor.

My PC specs are as follows:
Lenovo ideacentre 71025ISH 90FB
Windows 10 Home 1703
Intel core i5 6400
8 GB of ram
Nvidia GeForce GT 1030

My "main" monitor is an Asus connected through HDMI.
My "other" monitor is a Dell connected through DVI.

I just installed the most recent driver for my graphics card today in a clean install. If you need exact model numbers, I can add them when I get home.

I just want to make PC Screen under project to switch to my "main" monitor. Any help would be appreciated.