Mystery error message

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    Mystery error message

    I hope there's a simple solution to this, but when I'm watching live-streaming media, the annoying spinning circle appears in the center of the video, & above it is the error message, "The quota has been exceeded" and directly below is a big "X".
    Last weekend, I had a Comcast technician here for another issue, & I asked him if he knew why this is happening, & he checked the device he had with him, & said that it wasn't an issue with Comcast.
    I checked Microsoft's site, & the issue was there, but the "solutions" given only involved email programs, NOT live streaming media.
    I'm using Firefox 56.0.0, & everything's up-to-date; I've scanned with CCleaner, Malwarebytes & Microsoft Defender, & my Lenovo Ideapad 310-151KB, Model Name 80TV is less than a year old....oh, & I posted this issue on Lenovo's Forums & they had no answer, either. I also posted this issue on Firefox's site, but still no luck.
    I'm hoping that it's just a setting that needs adjusted, but I need to have this fixed, as I monitor nest cams for Bald Eagles & collect data, & my laptop is on 24/7 during nesting season...I can't have this happening after I've been watching for a while, as it could mean missing an important screenshot!
    Is there a setting I need to adjust, or is there another solution...I'm desperate & frustrated because I've run out of ideas!
    Hopefully, one of you will have the solution.
    Thanks for taking the time to read & respond to my post.
    Best Regards,
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    What happens if you use a different browser, of Firefox in its safe mode (= no add-ons)?
    3 Easy Ways to Start Firefox in Safe Mode (with Pictures)
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    Hi dalchina!
    I'm sorry for the delay in my response, but I've been away from my laptop.
    Anyway, I never use any other browser, (although I''m considering switching because of many of the recent changes Firefox has implemented), but in the past, I did try starting in safe mode & got the same result.
    I'm attaching a screenshot of the error message, hopefully it'll help.
    Firefox has been making lots of changes in the recent 1-1 1/2 years, (like its penchant for using way-too-much RAM, & other annoyances), so I'm hoping it's something as simple as going to about:config & adjusting a setting that got changed with the so-called "improvements". That being said, I know my limitations when it comes to tech stuff, & I won't do anything unless someone who's wise in these matters gives me detailed instructions on how to do it. I don't want to make matters worse.
    I hope the screenshot is helpful, but if not...let me know what else is needed to get this problem solved.
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond. It's nice to know you're listening!
    All the Best,
    DogPalMystery error message-quota-has-been-exceeded-error-message.jpg
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    This appears to be a live stream from a camera on a nest. The 'quota' concerned may be the number of users that can connect to that site and as such may well be a problem of the website itself, not your system. What site is it?
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  5. dalchina's Avatar
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    It could be a limit on the server they are using- the total quantity of data streamed- or, as @Bree says, the number of users (number of connections).

    If you were able to compare notes with someone else viewing the same site and found they saw the same thing at the same time, then it's not your PC or PC settings.
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    Hi Again!
    It's "American Eagle Foundation", & here's the site's address for the nest in North East Florida that I'm watching now:
    NE Florida Live Eagle Cam - American Eagle Foundation
    The technician from Comcast said it's not a WiFi-related issue, & when I'm watching the site, (which is 24/7 since the nest is active right now), I'm not logged-in, as just viewing the site doesn't require it. Login is only required if the viewer wants to participate in chat times, which occur for a couple of hours on certain days of the week. This, "quota", error message disrupts my viewing whenever it wants to; there doesn't seem to be any correlation with other activities that may or may not be going on. I normally have Camera 1 on, & this disruption happens in the middle of the night or any other time of the day or night, there doesn't seem to be any reason for it, & I haven't seen anyone else report the problem. The Comcast tech checked my devices with whatever troubleshooting device he had with him, & both of my WiFi signals are as they're supposed to be. When his searching & checking of the Comcast's equipment in my apartment, (e.g. modem, cable boxes, etc.), & all of my devices proved to be fine, he mentioned that it could be a Microsoft-related issue, (like a setting with the Windows Firewall, for example).
    With activity at this nest increasing, (with egg-laying being around the middle of November), I need to fix this problem so I don't miss an important screenshot.
    As far as too many viewers watching at the same time, this problem was interrupting things LONG before several people were watching at the same time, & it's also happened on other sites.
    The streaming on this site is through, "pixsel", (I think that's the correct spelling), but since it's not happening exclusively on this site, I'm not sure how important that is.
    Thanks for your help.
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    DogPal said:
    It's "American Eagle Foundation", & here's the site's address for the nest in North East Florida that I'm watching now:
    NE Florida Live Eagle Cam - American Eagle Foundation
    Ah, that site is no stranger to these boards. It has previously been cited for producing the error 'No Compatible Source was found for this media' in Internet Explorer.
    IE 11 No compatible source was found for this media.

    The error 'The quota has been exceeded' is a report from a Web API called DOMException, and...
    ... represents an abnormal event (called an exception) which occurs as a result of calling a method or accessing a property of a web API.

    The DOMException API is being called to report an error code 22 that occurred in another Web API. That particular error means:
    QuotaExceededError: Dom exception 22: An attempt was made to add something to storage that exceeded the quota

    Now I'm getting to the limits of my web development skills, but it does point to a problem in the interaction of the web app used by this site and the way your Firefox is configured. Perhaps some web developers could shed some light on this. This site uses the piksel player for its videos.

    Having said that, I have no problems with the video in Firefox 56.0 (32-bit) or Edge (IE still says 'No Compatible Source was found for this media').

    To try using the default settings in Firefox you could test it by setting up a second profile for Firefox. Use WinKey+R to get the 'Run' box. Browse and find your firefox.exe and click on it. You will get a string like this in the Run box.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
    Now add the parameter -p after the closing quote mark and run the command:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p
    This will start the Profile Manager where you can create a new profile to use in addition to your existing one. Don't worry, using another profile will not affect your original one, but it does give you the opportunity to try Firefox with its standard settings.
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    Hi Bree,
    I hate to appear stupid, but your response was waaaaaaayyyy over my head! May I impose on you to tell me what to do in non-technical terms...I'm not stupid by any means, it's just that I don't know the first thing about how to go about what you described.
    If you use lots of details I can do almost anything, but your post has my non-technical brain in a real fog! I have to say, though, that I wish I had the knowledge & understanding of PCs like you've done what many others have tried to do without've rendered me speechless! LOL
    Thanks again
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    DogPal said:
    I hate to appear stupid, but your response was waaaaaaayyyy over my head!
    Some of it's a little over mine too, if I'm being honest. :)

    But I hope the information I've uncovered will help some web-guru to come along and point to a solution.

    In the mean time, you could try using a second Firefox profile as I suggested in my last paragraph. That's relatively easy to do,

    Press the WinKey and the 'R' key at the same time to get the 'Run' box. Click its 'Browse' button and look for your firefox.exe under the C:\Program Files folder (or Program Files (x86) if it's the 32-bit Firefox). When you've clicked on it, add the -p to the end of the text that appears in the Run box then click the OK button. The Profile Manager should be self-explanatory. More on that here...
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    Read thread and as this appears to be an urgent fix why not install Chrome, 5 minutes at best, and test. Continue using FF for other activities but monitor Webcams in Chrome. Go to, in the upper right will be a link.

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