I just thought I'd add my two cents' worth, seeing as I've read a lot of very negative feedback regarding the Creators Update 1703.
Before upgrading, I was having all sorts of problems with my PC, which, until a few months ago had been working reasonably well. I really didn't know what to do. The USB wireless mouse was no longer being recognised by the computer, I was frequently getting BSODs, and I could no longer access restore points. I tried over and over again to download and install the Creators Update, and while it downloaded without a hitch, the installation always stopped at a certain point and the OS reverted back to the previous version.
After much insistence, and having made sure that all my drivers were up to date, I finally managed to upgrade to the Creators Update (it took most of a day to download and install), and since then everything seems to have fallen into place. No more BSODs, the mouse is working fine, and all programs seem to open more quickly and run better.
I'm sure that sooner or later, minor problems will start turning up again, but I'm convinced that Creators Updates are worth installing.