Wincows 10 Creators Update Personal Folder Bug Solved

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    Wincows 10 Creators Update Personal Folder Bug

    Hey all!

    Well... I just went straight to heaven and decided to buy a new faster HDD for my laptop, and instead of cloning the old one, I just went the clean install route, this time I installed Windows 10 1703 build as the only one software that exhibited bugs was updated by the authors, so all is fine and smooth. I reinstalled all my stuff and moved all my files, windows works like a charm.

    Now, while I'm adoring this version and the new bunch of options and customization stuff, there is a thing that is bugging me, while is little, still is weird... and it is... the Personal Folder button in Start Menu.

    Basically, in older versions of windows, this button redirected to the "shell" version of this folder, instead of the "real one", and of course, even if you decided to move folders like "Documents" or "Videos" to another partition, the "symlinks" for them were still present and you could access them easily.

    Now... seems 1703 has this bug where it instead redirects to the actual users folder, and, as expected, none of the moved folders are there anymore, so I had to create shortcuts for them. Of course, this makes a mess if you happen to acess the Personal Folder from desktop or the Com Surrogate places, because I got "duplicates" of this folders, which is a mess (while one is the symlink, and the other is the shortcut).

    I'll attach pictures of this bug... if anyone knows how can I fix the shortcut that start menu has to make it work as intended, I'll be thankful.

    Thank in advance ^^

    I'm updated with the latest patches (.608 I think), but this happened since the very beggining

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No bug. You have the Shortcuts and the real folders that are Symbolically linked. It just depends on if you access them through File Explorer or in the Menu for the User folder, which takes you to the first one. If you use Start10 you will see exactly how it was with 7.
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    Ohhhh, OK, but then, why in 1607 when you clicked on the start menu item, it sent you directly to the second one instead of the first one with the "Missing" folders? In fact, that is how it worked on Windows 7, just like you said... any way to restore that behaviour?
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    The changes made in 1607 was because people harped on Microsoft about wanting some of the older features back that were not broken when they did not want a tablet for a PC. No there is no way to make it look like the first gen of Windows 10. There are no missing folders, other than you are looking at in the Start Menu what someone may see in a Touch screen, in the File Explorer you are seeing what it has looked like when you make changes to show hidden folders. If you want the second way, use either Classic Shell or Start10. If you always want it the first way, go into the Files and Folders in Control Panel and hide hidden folders. It may change again in the next push, who knows.
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    Herm... Now I'm confused, I fail to see where hidden folders match in this equation. Maybe I'm the one not being clear, here I come explain myself:

    Say you enable the personal folder icon in desktop, then you access that, what you get? All your personal folders listed, no one is missing. In short, the shell folder itself (which is supposed to be the intended behaviour, so you can easily access your personal folders, even if they are on another location rather than C:\Users\[Your profile] folder).

    Now, Enable the personal folder item in the left item list in start menu, either tablet mode or not, click it, it sends you right to the real path of your user folder, instead of opening the shell folder, of course, if you move your personal folders to another location, like I do, you notice a tremendous lack of personal folders.

    This happens when you change the location of your personal folders, like Documents, Videos, etc... (Like, moving C:\Users\Documents to D:\Documents, or the like) Explorer works just fine with shell commands (for example shell:::{59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}, this opens the correct shell folder), and seems the viariables are working like other versions, is just the start menu item that seems bugged for whatever reason.

    I've tried looking for a reg entry or something, but I had no luck, even modifying the shortcut on Start Menu Places folder, but that thing seems deprecated as it does nothing... my last bet was the tiledata layer location, but seems that is also "deprecated" in CU according to some readings in google... So now I'm clueless on where to find any info about this, and possibly correcting it.

    By now, my best workarround was to enable the Personal Folder on desktop and removing the item from start menu so I can access the shell folder instead of the real path.

    I really hope there can be a fix for this...

    Thanks in advance
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    Not even going to try and read your thesis. If you believe that there is a bug, file a bug report. Everyone else like myself do not see this as an issue, since it does not affect us from using the OS.
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    Ooook... well, thanks, sorry to annoy you XD

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    You did not annoy me. I just do not read the long posts, because I understood what you were saying in the beginning. I just went to my Windows 10 desktop to do updates. Because I run Start10 on it, it is coded to open Explorer and will show even hidden files because of how I have the Folder and file options set. When you do not have the Gui tools like Classic Shell and Start10 installed, you get two different versions of the folder because of how Microsoft made that to be like a Tablet interface.
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