Windows 10: Display Name is My Email (Email shown twice on Login screen) Solved

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    Display Name is My Email (Email shown twice on Login screen)


    I upgraded to Win10 recently and I have an issue that I was only able to find two insiders had in the past with no resolution. I previously had Windows 8.1 and did an upgrade to 10 on both my laptop and my desktop. The problem I'm having is that it is showing my Microsoft Email twice in the login screen instead of my name with the email underneath.

    My laptop is okay and does not have this issue at all, it shows it correctly. I'm only having problems with my desktop computer. The email is also what is shown in the start menu.

    If I switch to a 'local account' and then re-link my Microsoft Account it will look okay (both in the start menu and in the login screen -- if I lock the computer.) However, once I sign out or restart the PC it will default back to the problem.

    In addition to that I also tried using netplwiz to change the Display name but it already had my real name there.

    I'm at a loss for solutions and would rather not have to reset up another user account. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

    After some trial and error I found the solution, in case anyone runs across this problem here's what I did:

    DISCLAIMER: This involves editing registry values, if you don't know what that is, do not attempt this.

    • Unlink your Microsoft Account from your account. (Settings > Account > Sign in with a local account instead)
    • Open up your registry by pressing Win+R and typing in regedit
    • Navigate to: HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Microsoft > IdentityCRL> StoredIdentities
    • You should see a folder named the email of the account you just unlinked.
    • Right click on the folder (export a .reg file if you want for backup) and delete it.
    • Restart your PC.
    • Relink your Microsoft Account again, in the same place you went to unlink it.

    Here's how I found the solution for anyone interested:

    I created a new Microsoft Account and used a random name for the first & last name, then linked it to my account. Then I went into the registry and searched for that random name. It took me to the above location in the registry that contained a folder whose name was the email for the new account, but there was also a folder with the unlinked account's email too.

    This seemed weird since I would have thought it would delete the folder when an account gets removed. So I unlinked the new account from my profile and restarted. Then went back to that registry location and saw that the new account's folder was deleted from the registry. This confirmed that the old folder shouldn't be there any more. After backing up the entry, I deleted the old account's folder and rebooted the PC. After I got back into Windows, I relinked the old account and everything has been working perfectly since.
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    I think the problem has another cause and solution: Solved

    I guess I found out something:
    The problem affected my laptop which had been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Pro.
    I installed Windows using a MS account, and then joined my Homegroup.
    Then the problem appeared: user name is gone, email address appears twice at logon screen.
    After several trials I disconnected all the computers from the Homegroup, which was created in a Windows 8.1 Pro desktop, and then I created a new Homegroup from the Windows 10 Pro laptop.

    My Windows 8,1 desktop and my also Windows 8.1 HTPC joined the new Homegroup flawlessly.

    Evidently there is an issue regarding MS accounts when a Windows 10 PC joins a Homegroup started in a Windows 8.1 machine.

    Hope this info is useful.

    My Windows 10 laptop has not changed my full name by my email so far.

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    For a while my Windows 8 system did that. I don't remember what I did to fix it, I think an update fixed it. But I'll bookmark this for future use in case it happen on Windows 10, thanks!
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    Finally a solution (I guess)

    XweAponX said: View Post
    For a while my Windows 8 system did that. I don't remember what I did to fix it, I think an update fixed it. But I'll bookmark this for future use in case it happen on Windows 10, thanks!
    After several tests and an unsuccessful talk with an MS support guy I think I'm reaching an explanation.
    I created a new Microsoft account (, then I switched all my computers to local accounts and took them out of the previous homegroup.
    Then I started to switch them to the newly created MS account.
    Then I created a new Homegroup.
    Then I joined all the computers to the new Homegroup.

    After one day of closing sessions, cold and hot reboots and even a router reboot the double email at login issue seems to have disappeared.

    What made me think of doing this is that the previous MS account that I was employing to install Win 10 had a gmail address as an alias.
    I also had a MS account with a gmail address as primary alias. It seems that if two MS Accounts have crossed alias and the same username, something goes wrong with the Window s10 user profile.

    So far the problem is gone.

    Hope this info its useful.
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    The fux finally

    Mirko, Thanks your insight about the former account alias got me to a fix. I searched the registry on my laptop (displays two email addresses) and desktop (displays name and email correctly) for mentions of my *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and found one that existed on the laptop but not the desktop. So I deleted it and rebooted. Problem solved and it worked on both of my laptops that were displaying it incorrectly.

    The reg key in question is:
    Deleting that key and leaving the one for the fixed it on both machines. So far I have not seen any adverse impact.
    Thanks again for your assistance.
    Anyone else using this fix, please be careful editing the registry.
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