eelpout said:
heh, another problem i've noticed which is likely related. many things that are intended to open the Settings panel and then go to the sub panel within don't work either. the Settings app will open and then just sit there with a gear logo. For example, if I search for Troubleshoot in the "Type here to Search" box, select Troubleshoot (system settings) from the results, it opens Settings and just sits there with the gear and never proceeds. If I open Settings directly I can still navigate and search within the app itself. It failed the same way when I tried to go directly to brightness level by right clicking in the battery level pop-up.

It sounds like an overall Search indexing problem. And FYI running the Troubleshooter for Search/Indexing found nothing wrong. May have to try the SFC check next. Or wait for the Fall Creators Update.
Running sfc /scannow should be first on the list (like HippsieGypsie suggested before...)

If nothing else works, in-place upgrade usually helps.