I've hit quite a snag here.I booted from WINPE5.1 and ran DISM and captured a Windows 10 golden instance image and the UEFI System Partition (what I traditionally knew as system partition) saved to external hard drive. It seems that I did not image the Microsost Reserved Partition (MSR) and I proceeded to run diskpart and clean disk 0.

I then applied Windows .WIM to primary parititon created in disk part, and the system .WIM to the primary partition labed System. I then set this system partition as active.

Windows will not boot. What steps am I missing? In reading these articles it seems that I should have included the MSR partition and set the primary partition I created as a GPT partition--something I did not do.


, I'm missing a lot of steps given that imaging for UEFI system is not as straight-forward as for MBR. I still have a good windows .WIM file (I think). Is there a way I can create the necessary system and MSR partition so I can boot to windows from my .WIM?

In general, how should I go about imaging and deploying a Windows 10 image in UEFI system? Instructions on the internet are all over the place. Switching to legacy BIOS to boot is not an option. It also seems like a lot of work just to use .WIMs (file based) over sector based imaging. There has to be a benefit to doing it this way, right?

Please help.