Windows 10: Around 12-15 gb decrease in C drive after unsuccessful system restore

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  1.    11 Sep 2017 #31

    I am beyond my limit of knowledge on Windows security but looking at this from your picture above, this is wrong and also quite interesting...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You shouldn't have anything there for "Program Files". "Program Files" is where WindowsApps is stored which is also what is taking the space in your SystemRestore partition.

    If you can spare 12GB and are interested we may find a way to delete that permission but personally I don't know how. Someone else will for sure if you can leave it a while.

    If you aren't interested (or need the space) it would be better to backup you data and reinstall.

    If you can wait then you may have found something interesting. I hope you do.
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  2.    11 Sep 2017 #32

    lx07 said: View Post
    Not unless there are hard links from Windows.old to "System Volume Information". I don't know if that is even possible. Even if it was it would be a terrible bug as restore points are supposed to contain the information to revert - not contain information to run.

    Agree; but we don't know what was there before the restore. At any rate my question was to eliminate the obvious. And I never saw it mentioned throughout the entire thread until I asked.

    In any case disk clean-up gets rid of Windows.old - @OldMike (and perhaps someone else) suggested that some time ago.

    Yes, but you have to choose click the "Clean up system files" button and then choose the window.old folder to delete it. It isn't an "automatic" process until after 30 days when the system will delete the folder itself.

    I did see a couple of threads on MS website where they just gave up and clean installed - this is an option of course.

    Given all the mucking around in the system, I honestly think this would be the best approach now - Clean install.

    Ideally if it is possible to take ownership and delete this junk it would be better for the OP.

    That could be tricky. I think it would be best to just do the clean install. Of course you'd (OP) need to backup your critical files and folders first.
    My response in red.
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  3.    11 Sep 2017 #33

    Well not sure if you've tried running a couple Window repairs. Worth a shot if you have not. Just to see if they find errors, and either repair them or not. You might have to do a clean install like a couple people suggested too. OR try a Repair install, which will NOT delete any of your personal files. Try the commands 1st. See what they report to you after running them. Command prompt Admin. Run them separately of course.

    sfc /scannow

    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

    If these commands don't find anything wrong, you could try a Windows Repair.
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials
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  4.    11 Sep 2017 #34

    Have you read through the tread?
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  5.    11 Sep 2017 #35

    Thank you everyone for reply

    The thing is that my systems seems to be working completely fine (atleast i feel). I will check all of my windows app to see if thay are working fine. I done want to do clean install. I have a 20 days old windows full system backup and if ever i find problem i will go back to it.

    To Ix07

    Do you think the problem you found would cause any problem to my system in future? If yes than i might go to my 20 days old system backup.

    The 12 gb were important to me and also i thought that there might be some additional problem related to system restore, so i asked this question on this forum. But said that i have sufficeint space and so until i get sufficient answer to seriously go back to system reinstall i won't do a reinstall and will leave the problem solution to the forum members.

    Few things to be noted as they might be relevant

    1) around 3 days back before i tried system restore, when i had open windows app, all of my downloaded app again started downloading without any reason. I thought it might have been beacause of buggy windows store. After they all got redownloaded, i check their installation date and it was showing the date as i had previosly installed them (windows store bug). I am 100% sure that at that time C drive space didn't deacrease.

    Another thing is i use AVG tune up turbo mode in background which dont allow system or any other app to take system restore backup. In order to create restore point or do a system restore i turned AVG to normal mode and then i did system restore (which got stuck).

    Thank you all
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  6.    12 Sep 2017 #36

    jakkaas said: View Post
    To Ix07

    Do you think the problem you found would cause any problem to my system in future? If yes than i might go to my 20 days old system backup.
    Honestly no, I don't think it would be a problem. You can leave it for ever. Make images with Macrium (or your backup solution) - they don't backup restore points anyway. It will just sit there taking space.

    If it was my PC I would try to figure out how to reclaim that space. I enjoy that sort of thing and my disk is small.

    Your options are to either ignore it (which will be fine), clean install to get rid of it (which would certainly work) or faff around with permissions to please me.

    jakkaas said: View Post
    The thing is i am not a computer expert or IT guy. I am biology researcher who has learn few things about computer from google.
    It really depends if you are interested. If you are we can continue to try to figure it out. If you have better things to do then don't worry about it - you can safely ignore it.

    Up to you really.
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