There used to be an extension one could add - 'Foldersize' - up to XP- that added such a column.
I noted this comment as to whether such a thing could be added for Vista on..
"Not possible because Microsoft removed the API to add custom columns for all file types at once in Vista."
I'd assume- but don't definitively know- this is true in Win 10.
Foldersize (up to Win 7 quoted) was then changed to add a popup (I've not tried it)

If you would like a folder size column, you need a 3rd party file manager.
For example XYplorer does this somewhat intelligently, not computing these each and every visit to a particular folder.
However, as said, generating this parameter adds considerable disk access and time, although the way this is done is such as usually not to make it noticeable. However, there seems no way to turn it off.

There are many others..