My last day with Windows 10

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    My last day with Windows 10

    I just wanted to tell you my experience with Windows 10 and why I have decided not to use it anymore.

    Sorry for my English.
    The main reason for not to use Windows is that I want a cumputer that I can control and I don't want a computer that controls my life. I don't want a personal spy or an unpredictable device. I don't want a device that constantly downloads/uploads unknown data.I have Windows 7 installed on my desktop and I am happy with it. I thank the God that I didn't upgrade my desktop to Windows 10. Unfortunately, I did upgrade my laptop that I use only when I travel. Since than I have only problems with my laptop:- it constantly updates, updates, updates. Updates never end. Every day updates, updates, updates that take hours. Updates are very importand but I want to decide myself when I can update my computer. Forced updates, forced restarts when I am doing something very important. Unexpected restarts.- unexpected waking up from hibernating- it's full of trash software that I can not even uninstall.- full of trash like Weather, Movies, News etc etc- full of software of unknown purpose.- it forces me to use Onedrive spying system. When I disable it, after next update I get annoying messages about Onedrive.
    - excessive bandwidth usage.- Windows asks me how I want to see their advertisments. What? Is it a joke? Advertisments in an OS that costs money?
    - it wants to control my photos. One day I was just shocked when a message appeared telling something like "we just created a new album for you...". What? What a s***? Who are you and what are you doing in my computer? Who told you to create albums for me?

    And the last drop was this Thursday when I was travelling to another city.

    8.00 - I wake up and turn on my laptop to see if there are updates. Of course, there are updates. My laptop starts downloading updates.
    9.00 - My laptop continues updating.
    10:00 - My laptop continues updating.
    10:30 - My laptop is updated and restarts several times.
    11:00 - My laptop is updated now and at 11:20 I have to the airport.
    11:05 - My laptop starts downloading new updates and I can not stop it.
    11:20 - I go to the airport with half updated laptop.

    When I am travelling I use mobile Internet. I have a special SIM card for this purposes and an USB modem. I pay 3 EUR for 250 MB/24 hours. When I have used 250 MB. I have to pay another 3 EUR. With Windows 7 I don't use even 150 MB per day.

    16:00 - In a hotel room.
    Before connecting my laptop to the mobile Internet I check all known setting to be sure that Windows updates will not start downloading huge files. I disable Antivirus updates. Then connect to the Internet and watch the traffic. Something is downloading something but not too much - 1-2 MB in 10 minutes.

    I go to make a coffee. Then I return and check the bandwidth usage. Ah my God! I have downloaded more than 200 MB and this number is growing. I start killing all unknown processes but it doesn't help. 250 MB... 300 MB ... 350 MB... I disconnect from Internet and go to the control panel to check the updates section and see that Windows updates have downloaded 20% of a huge file and I have paid for it mor than 3 EUR. So, when I continue, the total cost of this update will be more than 20 EUR.

    I reboot the laptop from USB drive with Linux MInt and that's all. This weekend I am going to throw away the Windows 10 completely. I like Windows but not Windows 10. It only makes my life more complicated. I am tired of visiting different forums because Windows 10 has too many problems that can not be solved by a normal user without a special knowledge.

    Bye, bye Windows!
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       09 Sep 2017 #2

    You're English is fine :)

    I always thought updates could be stopped by setting the PC to use a metered connection... which is really what you have.

    Adverts ? Hmmm... others have occasionally mentioned this in the past but I have never seen any. Are these related to 3rd party apps I wonder.

    Albums... yes Windows does that with pictures :) it groups them but its only your PC operating system managing them, not someone looking at them and doing it.
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       09 Sep 2017 #3

    tfe, I will second Mooly.
    There is nothing wrong with your English, and there is in fact nothing wrong with Windows 10.
    In my humble opinion it's the best Windows yet, and I say that after having been through the whole suite; Win95, Win98, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
    You just need to take the time to get your settings sorted out.
    If you have difficulties then I'm sure there are many of us here on TenForums who would be glad to offer you advice and assistance.
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    Yes, I know about the metered connection. It's possible to activate it for wifi connections. If I use mobile Internet from a SIM card / USB Modem such an option doesn't exist. But... I am just a normal Windows user. Why I have to learn about metered connections etc? All options that should be enabled by default, are disabled in Windows. All options that should be disabled by default, are enabled in Windows. I feel that I can not have a full control over my computer and that's why I am not going to use Microsoft software anymore.

    Mooly said: View Post
    You're English is fine :)

    I always thought updates could be stopped by setting the PC to use a metered connection... which is really what you have.

    Adverts ? Hmmm... others have occasionally mentioned this in the past but I have never seen any. Are these related to 3rd party apps I wonder.

    Albums... yes Windows does that with pictures :) it groups them but its only your PC operating system managing them, not someone looking at them and doing it.
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       09 Sep 2017 #5


    USB modems are generally displayed in Settings, Network, Ethernet as virtual Ethernet connections. You can go there then
    • click on the connection's icon just under the heading Ethernet,
    • Set as metered connection - On.

    Personally, I think the lack of a Help system [such as that in Windows 7 & earlier] has caused a lot of the problem. If users cannot readily find out that something can be done & how to do it then they will continue suffering.

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    tfe said: View Post
    I am just a normal Windows user. Why I have to learn about ... ... ...
    This is the big problem with Windows, and especially Windows 10, whose settings are labyrinthine or buried in unintuitive places.

    The other problem (personal opinion, of course) is that it is now geared to entertainment, toys, games, social media, rather than being an operating system to work on.
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       09 Sep 2017 #7

    @tfe All your internet connections can be set as a "Metered Connection" - in that state Windows will not dl. any updates!

    When metered connection is set, you will be in control of your updates and when you want to dl. it.
    You will even have to dl. definition updates to Defender, because that will all so be limited.

    You can easily set Windows to never restart by it self and set a time for that, when you are not using your PC.
    In that way you can tell Windows to reboot when it fit's you, by setting a time in the night, and then make the reboot when
    you choose to dl. Windows updates and when it is installed!

    And you can turn off the telemetry, if that is troubling you.
    Any operating system has to be set up the way we want it to behave. It take some time, yes - but what does not!?

    Well Linux will do, I would just be missing a lot of my programs.

    What is really missing in W10 is a good HELP system and a guide like the one in Windows XP, which is the
    best operating system ever made by Microsoft!
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       10 Sep 2017 #8

    As far as I know, W10 Home and even Pro is not really aimed at the true business user. Isn't that what the Enterprise editions are for ? That gives you (or your organisation) far more control.
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  9.    10 Sep 2017 #9

    I'd downgrade my laptop to windows 7, if the drivers are even available for it...
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       10 Sep 2017 #10

    Hi there

    W7 still fine for Work type of applications -- I agree that W10 for business is a total joke when it comes to logging on to such systems as SAP SRM to create say business to business orders (can be very large - often in the 100,000's EUR or bigger) which are then created into Purchase Requistions, Sales orders / contracts , purchase orders etc which are executed on ERP systems and emailed to customers.

    You can't sit there with broken systems when you need to process loads of this type of stuff - especially if things like if invoices for a million EUR or more have to be got out of the door quickly.

    A W10 upgrade in the middle of that lot - especially when untested on your PC would definitely not make you a popular man in the organisation.

    W7 is still King for those apps.

    W10 is fine for home users (generally-- apart from Networking which in Windows has always been a bit of a joke - at least in my experience).

    You can switch off auto updates etc. I usually run Windows 10 as a Virtual machine - any hardware I need can usually be connected to the Vm and it will work fine --even things like video capture devices providing your PC is powerful enough -- I have an i7 in my laptop with a decent SSD so response time not a problem. I very rarely need to boot into native W10.

    I use Ms office daily on the Windows VM (not usually OUTLOOK, I prefer thunderbird by far but email clients are usually an individual choice). My main OS is CENTOS 7 and it has ZERO problems running W10 as a Virtual machine - and W10 seems easily the most stable Windows yet (apart from W2k3server - and that was a server so not a fair comparison).

    I'd suggest run a decent Linux distro as your main OS with Windows as a VM and what programs you can't get to work on Linux run on the Windows VM.

    The main thing is not to give up too easily - if W10 was as bad as you make it out to be there would have been massive complaints - especially given the fiasco over the (IMO rightly) much maligned W8 which assumed everybody (even at work) were using Mobile phone types of applications and touch screens --- anybody who even thinks of smearing fingerprints on my large monitors will know what to expect -- I'm quite a large guy !!!!!.

    Also I'm not sure where you are but that sim card deal you've got sounds pretty horrendous to me too. At least look and see if there's wifi you can use instead of mobile data - could (and should) be a lot cheaper.

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