Hey everyone!

First of all I'm glad to see TenForums is around, SevenForums way back when saved me more than a few times and was consistently a quality board :)

So I configured my PC and network to support Wake on LAN, and after a long time trying to get it to work I can finally send a magic packet from anywhere connected to the internet and wake up my PC from sleep or hibernation (not power off because my router doesn't allow for static ARP routes ).

The problem is: If I put my computer to sleep/hibernate and wake it up within the following hour or so, everything is fine. If I wait longer than that and wake it up, the computer's lights turn on for a split second and then fade away. I then have to turn on the PC manually.

If I'm using sleep, the lights fade away, and when I turn it on after that, it turns on for 5-10 seconds and shuts down. If I turn it on again, everything is fine.

If I'm using hibernate, the lights fade away, and when I turn it on after that, it stays on.

I have tried powercfg -h on and off, I've disabled hybrid sleep, I've updated my BIOS and Intel Chipset and Management Engine drivers. There are no settings for the PC S states in the BIOS that I could find. My NIC is set-up to not be powered off by the system.

Any ideas as to what this could be?

Thank you guys so much in advance!


PS - My specs are the ones tied to my account. My PSU is a Corsair TX850. In trying to update my BIOS last week using the BIOS itself it got bricked and I had to order a new BIOS chip :P .