I am HIGHLY disappointed because the author of that fantastic program has disappeared off, at least MY, radar.

It somewhat worked with Win 8 then almost by design Microsoft killed it in Win 8.1.

Actually I can't prove that but it does work somewhat.

Does anyone have a clue, does anyone know him.....Can it be updated for Windows 10?

I am so disappointed with Win 10 because I really thought from the complaints and articles I have read that Aero Glass was returning and I would have hoped the MRU Bags bug would have been fixed and the folders sizes and positions would have been returned as well.

Nope, up to hackers and 3rd parties.

Aero Glass has returned but of course a unspecified Donation to the author is required and it is stated that you will never get anything but a debug version. Looks great though.

Back to my rant.
Someone please contact this guy. His name is Georg Fischer and he's out there somewhere.
If anything release the source so it can be updated by someone smarter than me.

I go back and forth between win 8.1 and 7 with 7 being my favorite.
I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to upgrade from 7 and I'm fine playing with 8.1.
They give no reason to throw away the pimp out aspects of 7 and I would rather not be DRM'ed and locked down with 10 unless I can get it the way I want it and not some engineer hired out of India wants it.