Windows 10: Laptop need cooler pad?

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    Laptop need cooler pad?

    Sorry if this is the wrong fora to post this qustion.
    I recently acquired a laptop that I tend to use on my lap and when in bed. I noticed that it gets quite warm an my lap, bottom vents only, and was wondering if using a laptop cooler pad will help with this and if so what would be a decent one to buy. I am new to laptops and what I have read on the net there seems to be as many people saying you need one as there are people saying you dont. I'm not a gamer just general interweb stuff and also for steaming movies. Any response would be appreciated.

    It's a lenovo ideapad 320 15 inch if that makes any difference.
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    I thought at first this was a duplicate post, but it turns out that it's not - just remarkably similar questions a few days apart. You should find this an interesting thread.

    Anyways, I am wondering if purchasing a laptop cooling pad or cooler is really necessary.
    Laptop cooling methods, which are necessary?
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    Bree said: View Post
    I thought at first this was a duplicate post, but it turns out that it's not - just remarkably similar questions a few days apart. You should find this an interesting thread.

    Laptop cooling methods, which are necessary?
    Thank you for answering Bree
    I forgot to search these fora but the post really doesn't help me as I said I use it on my lap and it does get warm, and with our wet season coming its going to be working in 90-110 f heat, in the house. On a flat surface it has barely an eighth an inch breating space on a flat surface.
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    If you are actually using it on your lap and the heat is bugging you stick it on a magazine or something. I find using one of my laptops (a MacBook) uncomfortable if I don't wear a shirt (which I don't in summer usually) so if it gets hot I put a magazine between it and my skin (if I can't be bothered to find a T-shirt). My Lenovo is OK.

    If you get a cooling pad with fans it would kind of inconvenient balancing one on the other I'd have thought while using it on your lap. Unless it is very hot (uncomfortable to touch as opposed to blowing warm air on you) then it is most likely working in its designed specs. You could check out the temperatures with HWiNFO - Download - as long as everything in under 80C then it is OK.

    I wouldn't get one - they have a whiff of snake oil about them. Unless your laptop is designed to dissipate heat through the case (and the case is made of aluminium not plastic) then I can't see how it would help at all except for moving the fan exhausts further away from your body.

    In that case you may as well use a tray or piece of wood or a magazine or whatever you have to hand. Just don't use a cushion or something soft which will cover the exhaust vents.
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    Most laptops have intakes on the bottom and exhausts on the side or back. It's the air intake that gets blocked when the laptop is on a soft surface. Even though the fan is running, if the intake is blocked there is going to be a much reduced air flow to cool the processor.

    Whether you want to put the laptop on a hard surface to keep the intake on the bottom clear is up to the user. 3 of us laptop users in my house don't bother with it, and my wife's relatively hi power, older HP with a dedicated video card is the only one that gets hot.
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    I spend a lot of time in bed using my laptop due to some physical problems so I have a laptop stand like My G780 with the i5 3210m, NVidia 635m is very cool running for most tasks though.

    A laptop isn't really designed to use on someone's lap since the intake vents are on the bottom and you'd be stopping the airflow. A "Budget" alternative would be a simple piece of plywood with wood strips on the edges to keep it from sliding. If there's not enough clearance to keep it cool, more strips to slightly raise the rear, or possibly a hole cut under the air intake would help. That's what I used on My old laptop with a really hot running Core 2 Quad.
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    Cheers for that, I was sitting it on a couple books each end. Im losing my motor skills and thought this would make things a little easier to plonk it on my lap and no have to worry about heat prolems. I think may what I should be looking for is a small stand I can sit pc on and give it plenty of ari, keep it up a 6-8 inch. Sounds like a plan. Much thanks for your reply.
    Cheers and peace to yuo.
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    I concur with most of the posters. I use lappys exclusively and have for many years. The cooling pads I've tried were.......... didn't I read the phrase snake oil earlier ...... there. A stand would probably work much better. Full disclosure, I just use a piece of wood when my lappy is actually a laptop. I have and have had higher end gaming machines too , but then I guess those animals have much better cooling options than non gaming machines. Regardless, imo of course, a stand would work much better for you.
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    indianacarnie said: View Post
    ...I use lappys exclusively and have for many years...
    Same here. I'm aware of where my air inlet is and make sure to keep it well to one side of my legs when I use it on my lap. It can draw in fluff from your clothing though, I find I need to clean out the fans every couple of years. Unfortunately mine are awkward to get to, but a vacuum cleaner over the outlet vent seems to get most of it.
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    You can also spray compressed air into the outlet vents to "backflush" the cooling system.
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