Darcorn said:
The slmgr /dlv command shows RETAIL channel so I guess I'm safe.
That does not tell you which type of license you have. That only tells you Microsoft channel it got activated through. OEM licenses will still activate through the retail channel because when the OEM license is sold with the computer to the end user, it is sold at retail. Showkey Plus from this forum will tell you what type of license you have:
ShowKeyPlus - Windows 10 Forums

Also, to clarify @alphanumeric's post a bit, retail licenses (and their product keys) have a number of uses per specific timeframe during which they will reactivate automatically online on different computers - because, legally, they are transferrable. Rough guess from my past experience is 6 times in 6 months. So as long as you stay within that number of transfers within that time period, new Windows installs on new computers will activate as always. Once you reach that limit, then you have to use an alternate activation method such as calling Microsoft or using the Microsoft Activation Troubleshooter to transfer the license via a Microsoft Account (and that is limited, we discovered by experience, to three transfers).

Also, an interesting note about the Digital License stored on Microsoft Activation servers - there is no way for an end user to delete it from their servers. So let's say you install full retail Windows 10 Home on computer A. You reformat the hard drive on Computer A and leave the hard drive with no partition on it, thus removing Windows 10 from computer A. You install the same Windows 10 Home retail license with the same product key on computer B, and you sell computer A to Joe Smith. Joe Smith installs Windows 10 Home on the computer you sold him and skips entering the product key because he doesn't have a product key for it. That Windows 10 Home will activate on computer A with just the generic Windows 10 Home product key by retrieving the digital license that was previously stored on Microsoft Activation servers, and it will have no affect on your activated Windows 10 Home on computer B.