Windows 10: Shortcut: to keep Start on laptop screen, Desktop on Monitor Solved

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  1.    22 Aug 2017 #1

    Shortcut: to keep Start on laptop screen, Desktop on Monitor

    I have a Surface Book with an external monitor, the other day I made a typo and found my Start screen on my laptop's screen, and my Desktop screen on the monitor. I loved it!

    Apparently, Win10 has an option that forces the Start screen to remain on the laptop while putting the Desktop screen on the monitor, but I can't replicate the keystrokes. Can someone tell me what the shortcut is to make this happen again?
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       22 Aug 2017 #2

    Hi mikecox. Welcome to the TenForums @mikecox

    Any chance you turned on Tablet mode. Click on the Notification symbol, pretty much the right most icon in Systray (task bar very right), see if the "Tablet" rectangle is blue (on).

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  3.    23 Aug 2017 #3

    Not blue

    Thanks for your response.

    Right now, on my monitor, that icon is grayed out, as is the rotation lock icon.

    But I wonder, can I get into tablet mode without removing the top of my laptop? When this happened my monitor displayed my Desktop icons and my laptop displayed my "Start menu icons". It would be nice I I could configure that setup so I could access my Start icons from my laptop while working from the Desktop on my monitor.
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       23 Aug 2017 #4

    I don't know off a keying short cut to get Tablet mode.

    If you go Start => Settings => Personalization => Start.

    Scroll down and you will see an option to use Start Full screen.

    Is yours by chance on?

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  5.    23 Aug 2017 #5

    I'm not sure these settings are relevant to this situation but checked and all my Start options are "on".

    It happened again! While sliding my hand over the upper left side of the keyboard I hit something and the Start screen appeared on my laptop again. I don't know what I hit, or pressed but couldn't make it happen again.
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       23 Aug 2017 #6

    Pressing the WinKey will bring up Start. So will Ctrl+Esc.
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       24 Aug 2017 #7

    and if your Start screen is is full screen mode then it will fill screen.
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  8.    24 Aug 2017 #8

    I now the Window key brings up the Start screen, I didn't know Ctrl-Esc did as well. I wonder why you would you use that option, 2 keys vs one?

    But the issue isn't how to open the Start Screen, I do it all the time, but when I do it opens on my monitor, which is fine, most of the time. But there are times when I would prefer to pop it up on my laptop's screen, without disturbing what I'm doing on the monitor. That possibility hadn't occurred to me until I started seeing it happen, by accident, when I was doing something else. The problem is that I don't know what keys I accidentally pressed, so I can't replicate the action. I thought maybe there was a shortcut that I was unaware of that others might know about but that doesn't appear to be the case. Maybe what's happening on my machine is just a fluke, but I've seen it happen, twice.
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       24 Aug 2017 #9

    Maybe others with multiple screens know the 'trick'.

    I wonder why you would you use that option, 2 keys vs one?
    As for Ctrl-Esc, the WinKey wasn't always on keyboards. Ctrl-Esc was the standard shortcut for 'Start' before the WinKey was added.
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  10.    25 Aug 2017 #10

    I run a triple monitor setup. First off, Tablet mode is disabled if you have more than one monitor in use. =( I have to switch to a single display to use it.
    You can open the start menu on any monitor you want be clicking the Start Icon on the taskbar "on that monitor". Using the short cut keys will always open it on the monitor set as Main Monitor. So, if you want it to always open on a particular monitor, by default, set that monitor as the main monitor. Be aware that, that has other side effect though. Depending on how you have your taskbar setup. I only show all taskbar icons on my main monitor, and launch from there. The taskbars on my secondary monitors only show Icons on the taskbar for programs open and running on them. Start and Cortana show on all taskbars regardless. Changing your default monitor will also change where your programs and Apps open when you launch them for the first time. It will be on the main monitor. You can move them to another monitor and close them, and Windows will remember to open on that monitor after that.
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