I have some code written that works on text files.
It can work on multiple files.

Something like this: myprogram.exe myfile1.txt myfile2.txt myfile3.txt

I want to have a Windows interface so I can run my code as described.

I have a solution! Problem is that on 2 laptops it doesnt work. (All other laptops it works!)

I have a DOS batch file written with this:

myprogram.exe %1

I put this in the sendto folder.
Now I can select multiple files, right click and choose the SendTo option and then select the batch file.
Works nicely - except for 2 laptops. Grrrr!!!

(I simplified the above just for illustration. When the code gets executes, there are spaces and the full paths are used for everything - not a problem.)

Is there another way? Like say maybe using Powershell? (Which I've never used before)
Or is there an environment setting I can change on my laptops?