My laptop has Windows 10 64 bit installed. It's an AMD A8 with a Radeon graphics card.

Task Manager shows Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service uses about %30 CPU. It happens about every 40-60 seconds,lasts for about 10. This started relatively recently (not after any upgrades/updates)

I followed the instructions written here to no avail: Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service - Microsoft Community

Scans (Windows defender, malwarebytes and Microsoft Safety Scanner) said the computer is clean. The problem does not happen in Safe Mode, but does happen after a clean boot. Currently have no office programs installed (will have them soon though). Winodws updates are most recent.

Apparently you can disable the service via regedit and the problem goes away, but it then causes another problem: I then have a "Windows is not activated" showing on my screen at all times. Regardless I would rather solve this by some other means if possible.

Appreciate any help.