Since a couple of weeks I've been nagged by the error screens on the Distributed COM errors. After examining Even Viewer it's clear it refers to the WinInet Broker Server and WinInet Cache server instances. The errors are well-known 10010 errors saying: The server {xxxxx} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

The problem is that the standard solution recommended on many forums (and which in fact I've already successfully used in the past) doesn't work. The solution involves granting additional permissions in the DCOM Configuration Editor. In my case I've added all recommended permissions and when it failed to have any effect I've added virtually any user/service I could find to have the right to launch those. Yet, I'm still obtaining those errors at the startup... It takes about 7-8 errors related to WinInet Broker and 1-2 related to WinInet Cache.

Unfortunately I can't really identify the moment in time I've started to receive those issues, so I can't really bind them to any specific application I might have installed.

Can anyone suggest any further tips on how to investigate the issues source and how to get rid of it? Since this is a work laptop I can't really reinstall the OS, but I'm having admin rights, so I can modify it.