Windows 10: Woke Up and Found Win10 Upgrade already Downloaded

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    Joanne said: View Post

    I am off topic, I know, but I am leaving here two questions/threads I've posted, in case someone could help. Thank you!

    1) Will I receive major updates under these settings?
    2) Office 2013: something weird

    I'd appreciate any kind of help or feedback on these.
    1. I don't think so, not from insider ring but if your 10 is upgraded from 7 or 8.1 you should.
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    alphanumeric said: View Post
    I'm pretty sure I already posted this but anyway. I was stuck at Validating or Almost Ready on 3 PC's, for hours and hours. I finally just gave up and used the Media Creation Tool. I didn't create any install media. I just used the "Upgrade this PC now" option and did it all live via the internet. It downloaded all the files needed just like the GWX App does and then did the upgrade. Very painless experience. All three PC's are now running Windows 10. I even did my other PC that was running build 10240, it did the upgrade as well. No product keys were asked for.
    So far I tried to get 10 on everything but the 7 host drive which included cloning that to the second OS drive reserved for 10 until now anyways, using flash drive and dvd both as well as booting live off of the flash drive. Upon running into a system partition invalid error I then nuked that drive and repeated each method as well as using the tool for the live online upgrade and all hung just when getting past the logo screen upon the initial system restart. And with a fresh of 7 with SP1 and no firewall or other protections active 10 simply hangs on each attempt for some unknown reason!

    wase4711 said: View Post
    i did an upgrade when I joined windows insiders several months ago, and I had win 7 home; I was pleasantly surprised that I was upgraded to win 10 pro, and thats why I have not been anxious to do a clean install, for fear of losing the "pro" upgrade..
    Its not that big of a deal, but my upgraded machine is running pretty nicely, and I always believe in leaving "well enough" alone..
    Since you were seeing the TP Pro upgraded you naturally saw one build automatically replaced by the new now being the RTM. If you had tried it with Home Premium on the other hand? The MS site would have detected the 7 HP edition was on. Things worked out in two specific ways for you there. Don;t knock it any!
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    Just in case some of you missed it, here's a good one with Cortana!

    Windows 10's snarky Cortana answers 59 burning questions
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    CountMike said: View Post
    1. I don't think so, not from insider ring but if your 10 is upgraded from 7 or 8.1 you should.
    Thanks for your reply :)
    Yes, I have at first upgraded from Win 7 and then clean-installed it. I suppose time will tell.

    Thank you.
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    Wynona said: View Post
    Just in case some of you missed it, here's a good one with Cortana!

    Windows 10's snarky Cortana answers 59 burning questions
    some have changed since BETA, but they're still pretty funny.
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    CountMike said: View Post
    You have to go to Cleanup system files.
    And check the box for "previous installations".
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    And still NO GO here yet! Funny thing I think I now know where the problem is namely since I had reserved a copy any other download will automatically fail on the spot until I see the MS Notification to download and upgrade! The combination 32/64 download at first and subsequent 64bit only was to provide the 32bit for VM use since the 64bit TP wasn't able to connect online when on VM Player that could see 10 run while booted in 7. Good way to get to know the newer while still running the older.

    One article mentioning cleaning out the "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" folder and typing in a command at an elevated or run as admin command prompt and running the Windows Update tool then saw the "You will be notified" type message there as well as clicking on the 10 app's icon where the pop up also indicated the wait to be notified which still hasn't come in! The article posted earlier is seen at: How to Force Download Windows 10 for PC or Tablet

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Command Prompt Method W10 Shown Reserved But No Go.jpg 
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    You can see how the Update message goes there and as previously posted how the pop up prompt appears. That was what was seen after following the instructions seen in the article on how to force the upgrade to work and tried more then once on both the 7 clone to second drive first, the clean install of 7 just seen to there.

    Just a few hours ago I tried this out with the 7 host due to see Windows reinstalled anyways after a full two years since June 2013 to more or less clean things up. As you can see the download by way of receiving any notification lacks.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	344rzlv.jpg 
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    Someone on the other thread pointed to earlier suggested a possible compatibility issue which by that there is far from the case. Once I saw that I knew the ball was in motion BUT WHEN remains the obvious question and did it matter if I had reserved 10 back in June or not as to why any upgrade or clean install attempt has failed so far?

    This by far has actually been the worst possible installation headache since I couldn't a bootable floppy image to see Windows 3.1 go onto a VM! Yet the OEM machine type upgrades are going well from what I have been hearing. Those with custom builds seem to be the ones who are having any real problems seen so far.
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    That's almost exactly what is happening to me except everything was downloaded 3 times, second time I forced it and third time was totally a surprise, I never did anything to initiate it. I have all the files, even made ISO out of first download. I can always do it manually but waiting for them (MS) to make my mind up. Have a perfectly good 8.1 on on disk and insider edition on another one, so no hurry.
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    That's interesting to see you were able to get the eventual results likely by way of automatic updates while the host 7 install I just tried it on downloaded the 64bit separately this time in iso form I saw written by the UltraISO app previously used enough times for 7 and 8 CP builds successfully write the 64bit 10 Pro iso to a second flash drive the first larger 16gb seeing the combo of both 32/64bit I have been using. The dvd burned was also a plain 64bit burned on the spot that saw a fail as well.

    One issue brought up in the guide however was the need to unplug any non OSed drives like the pair of Sata III storage drives I have in an array! I found the $Windows~BT folder on one of them just now! ut ooooo..... Unpluggy time it is! The other things besides shutting down any system protections which includes AV and firewalls of any type is halting any other large processes including having the Valve/Steam running with web access in the background. This is why besides the need to unplug an unused flash drive if not booted from live later following the initial upgrade will be removed as well as disabling a number of start ups to upgrade over the host drive's 7 there in favor of keeping the fresh 7 install on the second OS drive going once everything needed is added on there.

    So we can now equate a few possible reasons for the error message seen a couple of times while the others were hang ups during the restart process all indicating a failed install after the reset button with a few had to be hit! Extra drives you can unplug as well as limiting everything to the bare essentials on any 7, 8, or 8.1 having been in use for some time could very well avoid any mishaps.
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    I always unplug all other drives when installing OS or just doing larger upgrades.
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