After thelast update (2017-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 forx64-based Systems (KB4025342)) I had an Excel spread sheet that was no longerable to display properly. I was able to determine that the Ariel Narrow Fontthat was used was causing the problem. The Font control panel function forAriel did not display the Narrow version anymore. It was there at one timebecause I used it to create the Excel sheet and it still appeared as a validselection for fonts in Excel. After much research and trial and error I couldnot recover the Narrow font. Finally I checked the fonts on my Laptop on whichthe spreadsheet was still working fine and found the control panel fonts forAriel did display the Narrow versions. I was able to copy these versions andmove the copies to my desktop and then paste them into the Arial font throughthe Control panel function and all was then good for my excel sheets that usedAriel Narrow. The system complained that the Narrow fonts already existed and Ihad to overwrite them.

Inall of my research this simple approach to restore the font was not mentionedand the complex suggestions did not work.

Ifyou have a similar problem I hope this approach works for you.