Continued 1703 crashes: ALL programs "incompatible"

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  1.    28 Jul 2017 #1

    Continued 1703 crashes: InstallAgentUserBroker involved

    This now happens every few hours, has only been going on since I tried to get Spotlight to work again 2 weeks ago. Have to use on/off switch to escape and reboot, everything fine then. System Restore will not show restore points before that time! Security Program Compatibility Trouble shooter (claims it is the latest version) indicates Skype (ususally not on when crashed), Firefox, Chrome & Kaspersky are ALL "incompatible" then claims it has "fixed" them. Re-testing first shows "incompatible" then again claims it has "fixed" them.

    I cannot re-install WinX or do in-place change. Installed 1703 months ago, continually updated. Everything worked until Spotlight problem .... which is now coming in via Dynamic Theme.

    scannow indicates no probs

    Reliability Monitor > "no solutions found"

    HP EliteBoook 840 G2, new SSD (super) 64-bit WinX Pro v. 1703 Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	reliability 2.PNG 
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       28 Jul 2017 #2

    How about filling out your system specifications. Its located under Settings->edit system spec. This will sure help us so we can help you.
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  3.    28 Jul 2017 #3

    done (supplied all the info I have)
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       28 Jul 2017 #4

    A couple of more questions. Was this an upgrade from 8 or 7 or did the system come with 10 installed ?

    Next I see your running defender (periodic scan), are you sure its turned off all the way. Defender could be doing real time checking along with your other anti virus software. Since you state the the SSD is NEW, how did you get Win 10 onto it ? That maybe where your problem is. I searched for issues with Spotlight, but didn't find any. And why can't you perform a clean install ?

    NOTE - I just noticed that you have a similar thread open in the Browsers sub forum. I'm sure the moderators here will lock this thread.
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  5.    28 Jul 2017 #5

    It is a used HP I bought it a few months ago from some IT savvy folks who had run a now-closed small store here. It had Win8 in and I paid him the equivalent of USD$170 to put WinX. It ran very well for a week, then it stopped working after I took it to another big store selling new HPs only to ask some questions, their top expert thought it was slow and did some things to it. When I got home it wouldn't boot. I brought it back to that man and he did an HP check, found nothing, but told me I should have been much more careful closing down the laptop while the mechanical hard drive it then had was still spinning. After some days of traveling back & forth to the suburb where the small shop was, on my own I figured out it was a loose connection. While dealing with that he suggested putting in an SSD which he said was new. I have no idea how he transferred WinX to the SSD (I left the store and walked around for a few hours), but the result was super with NO problems for a month or more till I upgraded to 1703 online. And then only a few small glitches which smoothed out. But a week or so ago I did not like the photos Spotlight was showing and although at first Spotlight asked if I liked the pic, then wouldn't allow me a choice when I clicked on the question box as had worked before. Then I tried to fix it by deleting files following this >

    How to fix Windows Spotlight Lock screen errors | Windows Central

    and all of this has ensued.

    The small store has gone out of business and I have no way of finding how they switched or put in WinX. When i bought it I asked them if all was up & up and checked and MS/Windows online declared all genuine, valid, etc., but I don't have the documents or disc, etc., I would have if I'd bought it new, was just happy it worked. That was a big concern as I am now unemployed with NO source of income from anywhere and I had to pay the equivalent of around USD$1,000 for everything incl. WinX, but still HALF the price of a new EliteBook here, and.except for these recent crashes I absolutely LOVE the PC and am quite happy with WinX, esp. since I turned off many of its features I don't need and also use Classic Shell, even learned how to get around the fact that there are 3 Document locations, etc..

    As I noted, all was super till the Spotlight nonsense.

    As this PC is the only way I can eventually get an income, it sure is a pity that my ex-wife was a Group Leader in Testing at MS/Redmond, but no contact for 20 yrs. ;-)

    re: "NOTE - I just noticed that you have a similar thread open in the Browsers sub forum. I'm sure the moderators here will lock this thread.", I hope they close the other one if they need to close one
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  6.    29 Jul 2017 #6

    Have used several versions of Windows Troubleshooter MANY times over the past week.

    What I finally did, after many HOURS (more than 10 hrs) of System Restore and uninstalling and re-installing various versions of Firefox (now running 64-bit) and Kaspersky (now running KIS 16 again till license expires in 3 mos, will then renew w/KIS 17.), was what I had always done with beloved Win7 , namely not use Defender! Period. Just much more effective Kaspersky.

    A result of my own "troubleshooting", since I personally checked and saw that HealthService repeatedly showed up in the crash reports (reliability history) ....

    since many not-too important and solvable issues came along with 1703 (ex-wife was Group Leader of 40 men in Testing at MS Redmond and I do know about bugs in software w/ millions of lines of code), I found and used, from >
    1. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SecurityHealthService
    2. Set the start type to 3.
    3. Go to Task Manager, Startup, right click on Windows Defender Notification icon, click Disable. Reboot. Problem solved.(from Windows

    That seems to be working so far (if not, can easily undo it)

    (but will not mark "solved" until so proven over the next days)
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  7.    30 Jul 2017 #7

    UPDATE: crashes continued, so clearly the cause was not Defender per se and restarted it, Realtek only occasionally starts without function (been so since 1703) maybe 1 out of 30 starts, not a crash so re-start is easy and fixes prob every time), Troubleshooter supposedly found and fixed Realtek incompatibility without fixing; not a real prob for me).

    Only thing I've noticed is that crashes seem more linked to how long computer has been on (it does NOT get hot) than which program or what I do
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  8.    30 Jul 2017 #8

    here is the latest crash and path, correlated in my observation mostly to the length of time Firefox was running (but it could be also how long the computer was running)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	latest crash.PNG 
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  9.    31 Jul 2017 #9

    Well I totally refreshed Windows 10 (keeping files), downloaded and re-installed around 20 programs, apps and drivers as well as important large security updates deleted in the process and so far .... no lockup-crashes, but interestingly:

    1. It kept v. 1703

    2. Spotlight is STILL non-functional, but from my experience with Dynamic Theme, which I did not re-install because what I'd settled on before the refresh and what I like the most, better than Bing or Spotlight images, are my favorite Windows landscape picture on the Welcome Screen and the Lockscreen starts with that pic and then goes to a self-chosen slideshow of my favorite Windows landscapes from which the Welcome Screen pic was chosen .... and that was left from Dynamic Theme in the Personalization Settings

    3. I now have the latest Kaspersky KIS 18 (works great) while Defender is easily doing Periodic Scanning

    4. Only having a small problem refreshing File History on my removable USB backup storage, but I think I'll figure that out somehow

    I did find out something maybe obvious: several large program and app files which were deleted (Refresh left a file-list with their names, some with hot-links) still had their setup stubs and so soon as the download showed xxx(1) I would search, find and when possible use it for installation without needing to waste hours downloading all again

    Have been test-running a half-dozen open tabs on Firefox for almost and hour now with no problems: when I decided to refresh it, both Firefox and Chrome had been locking the whole computer every 20 minutes or so

    I will delay marking this thread "solved" until a few more days ....
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  10.    02 Aug 2017 #10

    OK, except that Spotlight is still totally non-functional (what started this debacle) and since I now found that I do not even want it [which I decided due to the mass of totally crappy pics both Spotlight AND Bing found when it was working via Dynamic Theme and so have therefore not re-installed Dynamic Theme after this refresh], and since all incompatibilities have been seemingly removed through some combination of the refresh itself AND me installing the newest versions of all programs, apps and drivers .... there have been NO crashes or lockups (apparently a widespread problem since HP has now automatically informed me -- without me requesting -- of new troubleshooting tools they have now developed)

    ... I happily assume Problem Solved!
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