About 2 weeks I noticed something really annoying - but only when using an app in fullscreen mode (ie games, Netflix, etc). Every few minutes Windows would automatically switch to the desktop. As you can imagine, this is SUPER annoying when playing a game. I could not figure what app was causing it.

I haven't been using fullscreen app as much the past couple of weeks but I'd notice it when typing in the browser - the focus would switch briefly to the Windows Start button and thus my typing would stop. I'd have to click back into the page to continue typing.

After the last Windows update (earlier this week, I'm on the fast insider ring), this seems to have resolved itself but now when I hit alt-tab to switch between apps, there's a blank 'NotificationsForm' option. Selecting it from alt-tab doesn't seem to do anything except take focus away from whatever app I'm using.

Anyone else experience this?