The first time I ever saw Windows 10, I thought to myself, "What the heck is that POS?"

Since then I've had to install it (set it up) for several of my customers and I got a test version to play around with.

So I've developed a strategy for getting is all set up for someone who is moving up from Xp, Vista or maybe Win-7, and who is not really computer savvy.

First thing I do is "Show All files", then run "Grant Admin Full control", then I kill WUDO and Cortana. Then I install the Classic Shell, and proceed with the setup just like I would with Window 7.

When I'm done, Win-10 is running good and looks and acts pretty much like Win-7 and my people love it.
Heck, by then, I even love it! It's still a pain to set desktop themes, and set task-bar color, but at least once I set it, then it stays set.

Me? Oh heck, I'm still running Windows 7 Ultimate 32. It will play all my old 16 bit games!

Cheers mates!