After applying the Creators update on Monday my Action Center for my main user isn't working, yet for the other account I have (that I never use) it is working.

The Action Center pops out as it should, and the buttons at the bottom work as they should. Just no notifications are displayed. What's more infuriating is that the Toast Notifications have also stopped working. Which for emails and VOIP calls is a real pita.

If I check under Settings > System > Notifications & actions, under Get notifications from these senders, I have the message "No senders have provided notifications yet."

I must have spent over 12 hours looking at this now, and have tried nearly every "fix" for the same or similar issues I can find.
I know "could" create a new user, and migrate everything over. But honestly, to get everything setup as it is now isn't really a viable option, when this could happen again.

Has anyone had the same or similar issue?