I had a similar problem in 7, thought it was fixed in 10 but wasn't.
Here's the situation.
1) I install a program, any program that leaves/makes a desktop icon. Sometimes this happens with Edge/other browser downloads that route to the desktop. Sometimes happens with other programs saving to the desktop.
2) the icon appears in the top left corner of the secondary monitor. SInce I only use that monitor for watching TV, I don't see in on the primary monitor and wonder if something saved wrong. Opening the desktop folder reveals the icon.
3) I turn on the TV, see the icon and drag it to primary monitor (or the trash if I don't want it).

A) Icons moved to the primary monitor tend to stay at the primary monitor, even after resolution changes.
B) Icons put within Desktop Fences stay in their fence and don't leave.
C) The taskbar/start menu appears on both monitors. Only the icons appear on the secondary monitor. Programs clicked on in the taskbar on the secondary monitor open in the primary monitor.

So yeah, it's a minor problem, but to make computer usage easier for friends/family/guests I'd like to solve this problem so they can find things they need quickly.

Anybody got a solution? I looked at a few searches on TenForums and didn't see anything related.