What is going on?

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    What is going on?

    Either Im not alone, or Im the only guy on the planet that has Win 10 ruining his life. I have been through every possible scenario I can come up with to fix the "FREEZE" issue. Thought it was Firefox at first, but it seems its really a Win 10 problem. Imagine, a multi billion dollar company that make right at all, ever. Always broken. Is there some secret trick to fixing this? Ive already rolled back from Creators. Didnt help. My computer is virtually new and I have been doing this since well, a long time. Whats up? How does this get fixed? PLEASE!!!!
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    Run from a Admin CMD Prompt--sfc /SCANNOW this will tell you if you have any integrity problems. From the same prompt run CHKDSK /f and this will check your drive for errors.
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    I know you are frustrated, but This is a family forum, profanity is not acceptable!
    You spent a lot of time Ranting, but you didn't say what the problem is. Other then mentioning Freezing.
    Freezing is caused by separate issues.
    1. The computer is overheating, blow out the fans on the side and the bottom of the laptop with a can of compressed air. Be sure there is plenty of ventilation to the bottom of the laptop (ie) don;t use on carpet, or glass table. Consider a laptop cooling pad.
    Or a software conflict not the Windows OS. Try a Clean Boot. If this works, add one Startup Item or Service at a time, rebooting each time till the computer starts freezing, Then you will know the problematic program.
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    New hardware can have issues, its fairly rare but it happens. Damaged in transit, etc. Has it done this from day one, or did it happen after a Windows update etc?
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    Also could you please explain how your computer is Virtually New, and yet you have been working on this a long time? How new is new? How long is a long time?
    If the computer is new as you say, then take it back to get another one. You should not have to do anything to a new computer to make it work.
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    Forgive my outburst. The hard drive and hd are all new. Actually, beenin for a while and just reinstalled win 10 a while ago. Im giving up and rolling back to 8.1. I hate it, but at least I can actually use my computer. Ive tried everything including clean boot. Thanks anyway.
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    Firefox may be the culprit, disable Hardware Acceleration in FF.
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    Think I finally got to the bottom of this issue. It seems many things at one time conspire to keep Win 10 from working. Last night and this morning I did a bunch of things. I did the clean boot, but was unable to really come to any conclusions. I tried removing my AVIRA antivirus and that was the beginning of it. Seems Win 10 doesnt like my Avira. Especially when you start up Firefox. A combination of issues there. Long story short-er.... I did a bunch of FF about:config tweaks and went back to AVG and big difference. I also got IOBIT and ran every tweak and test and defragged the heck out of it and ran the entire suite of things it had overnight, including large file defrag. Today, its peaceful here. One thing that helped a lot with FF and its hanging, switch FLASH to ASK TO ACTIVATE. That way it isnt constantly impacting everything you do. A BIG PART OF THE FREEZE problem. FF aint perfect, but its much smoother. Time will tell.
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    AV software can be a nightmare.

    Tried to update my wife's Win 7 desktop with a new AVG. Install hung at progress-bar 37%. (Funny ... that same AVG update ran fine on my Win 7 desktop.)
    Jumped through hoops to uninstall her old AVG.
    Then tried Avira. Install hung at 50-something percent.
    Then tried Avast. It worked.

    Why all the trouble?

    AV software can be a nightmare.
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    Third party AV is one of the biggest culprits for failed updates and upgrades. It's the system level stuff it does that interferes with file replacement etc.
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