I have three computers, desktop with W10 Home, two laptops with W10 Pro. Which of those devices would be the host when it comes to syncing with the other two? Does the OS being Home or Pro affect which one takes over as host?

There was a time when I had sync set to yes on all three computers, the favorites from one of the laptops ended up being set on my desktop. This cleared the original favorites that were on the desktop, substituting those with the few that were on the laptop at that time. I had a copy of my favorites backup folder from IE, and was able to recover those favorites to my desktop. First thing after that I turned sync to off.

Both laptops have far fewer favorites than the desktop which is my primary computer, I'd like to set sync to yes so all three are the same.

I use Edge now and have saved the Edge favorites, but before turning sync back on I'd prefer to have the desktop be the host and laptops be the client. Is there any way to control which device is the host?

TIA for all responses :)