Windows 10: Performed Repair Install but still have some various issues

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  1.    16 Jul 2017 #21

    Question: What happens if I disable a startup "helper" - then try to open the associated app? Will it open the "helper" by itself? If so, I could disable most of the Startup helpers and not be concerned.
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  2.    16 Jul 2017 #22

    Yes, in general that's the kind of behavior disabling a startup item causes: the helper simply doesn't load on startup. You can still load and run the parent or related application when and as it's needed. It will just take longer to start up when you do, because the helper hasn't already pre-staged certain elements that need to be running. Hope this makes sense, and thanks for asking,
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       16 Jul 2017 #23


    I have now seen your post First time I've tried to use Safe Mode with W10. What a hassle .... I have also read the other posts so am up to date with developments.

    About your list of startup programs [and I agree that it is surprisingly long] -
    1 I do not know what that Dell utility does.
    2 Even if only to investigate the problem, I think you should disable gaming entries such as SetPoint.exe.
    3 These should definitely be disabled to see what effect they have on the problem as their names imply some effect on the display - Screenpresses, SnagIt.
    4 I do not know what they all are, of course. Unlocker & Reflect struck my eye but I cannot remember why their names should have stuck in my memory. You could disabling them for a while as well.
    5 As EdTittel said, you can investigate them using Task manager.
    6 I suggest disabling those I have mentioned then drawing up a list of the others and working through each one until you have either confirmed that it is useful or have disabled it as well.
    7 Remember that you can try rebooting between each disabling action so you can see their effects quite quickly.

    If this does not solve the problem then adopt a more systematic approach - I suggest that you use the procedure in Safe mode and clean boot procedures - how to make use of them - Wiki That's what I've been busy doing all day.

    I do think you need to address the unusually slow performance in File explorer but that is a separate issue. It is a shame that you do not have the time to do a clean install.

    I quite like Acronis.

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  4.    16 Jul 2017 #24


    I have a Dell laptop and don't use any of their bloatware so you could uninstall most of the Dell utilities - but be sure to check their support page for new drivers every so often. You don't need most of the helpers e.g. Reflect but ensure you don't disable any services they need.
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  5.    16 Jul 2017 #25

    Thank you. I'm using a Dell M6800 workstation/laptop.
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  6.    17 Jul 2017 #26

    I'd like to get something clear in my mind, please. If my issue stops when I use safe mode, does that definitely mean that either a startup program or corrupt driver is at fault? I can try the startup program shut down one by one easily enough and, if that doesn't work, I can delete each driver one-by-one and install a fresh Dell driver in its' place. My understanding is Safe Mode starts without most drivers and startup programs. If I understand correctly, this method should identify the culprit. Am I correct in my assumption? Or, if that doesn't work, what other differences are there between normal startup mode and safe mode? Thank you.
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       17 Jul 2017 #27


    No & No & there is no definitive list of what Safe mode loads & does not load. The explanations in my article and the links in it are all that has been made available. I searched for ages to find more concrete information but to no avail.

    Messing about reinstalling drivers at random would just confuse the issue. I really do think you need to approach this more methodically if you are to fix the problem without getting the computer so messed up that a clean install is the only way to get it back to running normally or even adequately.

    But you can, if you want to, just go ahead and disable all the startup entries in Task manager - experiment then put them back to normal if disabling them makes no difference. I suggested a couple of entries that look to be likely contenders so disable them first.

    All the procedure I gave you the link for does is take you through things in a methodical manner and more comprehensively [Windows services are also included in the items disabled for testing].

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  8.    17 Jul 2017 #28

    Thanks - I'll follow your advice. It's too bad Microsoft doesn't list the things it omits in Safe Mode. However, by all means, point out any likely culprits and start with them first. No harm done. Thank you.
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       17 Jul 2017 #29


    "2 Even if only to investigate the problem, I think you should disable gaming entries such as SetPoint.exe.
    3 These should definitely be disabled to see what effect they have on the problem as their names imply some effect on the display - Screenpresses, SnagIt."

    If they are not the cause then disable everything in Task manager, Startup and see what happens. If the fault persists, re-enable them so you know you are starting from a normal condition then restart the computer and use the Safe mode, Clean boot procedure article I gave you a link to.

    Best of luck,
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  10.    17 Jul 2017 #30


    Try the fault finding approach you suggested and also uninstall some of those programs you really don't need. Do a repair install before a clean install if needed since this will preserve your installed programs and accounts. Always ensure you have a full backup before doing a clean/repair install.
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