Windows 10: Performed Repair Install but still have some various issues

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    Windows 10 Home x64 and Pro x86
       15 Jul 2017 #11

    Did you check the display driver as I suggested?

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  2.    15 Jul 2017 #12

    Yes, I installed it - still have my issue.

    BTW, I need a little help on how to navigate a thread. When I post and I get a reply, then someone else also replies, there is one box for me to reply. Does everyone that is on the thread get notified? Also, how do I reply to someone that replied earlier and there is no box for me to reply specifically to that post? Recently, I posted about this issue and my post got hijacked (someone butted in and asked his own (related) question. I politely told him to start his own thread - but he continued to post until he got what he wanted. At that point, I was completely confused as to how to post a reply. Thank you!
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    Windows 10 Home x64 and Pro x86
       15 Jul 2017 #13


    1 Yes, it can get awkward if people take over a thread.

    2 About "I need a little help on how to navigate a thread" - The only way to address yourself to a specific user or post is to address the member by name & quote a prominent section of their post. Not foolproof but...

    3 It is a shame that the display driver installation did not fix the issue. It is hardly ever possible to be certain but your description of the symptoms sounded to me like a display driver problem [illogical visual responses on the desktop but correct behaviour when repeated in File explorer]. Your later comment about having done a Repair install also pointed to a non-Windows cause e.g. a driver.

    4 I have just read this thread again and I notice that there is no reference to behaviour in Safe mode [I might just be missing it, I thought you had checked that earlier]. Safe mode can help to narrow down the choice of possible causes. In this case, for example, if Safe mode behaviour is correct then you could check Device manager to see what it is using as the display driver during Safe mode.

    5 This is just a shot in the dark but do you have any handy little utilities that affect the desktop or how things are displayed & that might be misbehaving? Any desktop slide show might also be adversely affecting the desktop as might any utility to tweak Windows behaviour [even if you are not actively using that part of the utility]. I have not used any of these for years so cannot remember any names except "TweakUI" or something similar.

    6 About "there is one specific icon I can't remove", I suggest you right-click on it {whilst looking at it in File explorer}, select properties, Security, Advanced. Who is the owner [System?] and what Permissions do your user account & the "administrators" group have on it? What is that icon? If it is merely a shortcut to an application then it should be safe to change the Owner to yourself or the "administrators" group then delete it.

    7 There are slight similarities between your problem and some reported in the MSAnswers / MSCommunity forum -
    7.1 renaming files in windows 10 Have a read through its questions & its 26 replies to decide if any of it is useful for you.
    7.2 Take a look at this article by a very capable user, Ramesh, - [Fix] Cannot Rename Or Move Folders In Windows 10, Due To Missing FolderDescriptions Registry Entries I am not convinced it is relevant.
    7.3 I have had a quick look around the MSAnswers forum but did not see anything else that might help. If you do search it be prepared for lots of false search results caused by inappropriate marking of posts as "Answers" by some mafia of Microsoft franchised support staff. In general, posts by "Microsoft" forum moderators should be ignored {whereas posts by Community moderators are often very useful}. MS behaviour in that forum has persuaded me that MS support are the very last people I would ever expect to get any useful help from.

    8 If you upgraded from Windows 7/8 then the option that you have already rejected, a clean reinstallation, might be the best choice but there could be no guarantee of success because the cause of the problem remains unknown.
    • I bit the bullet and did this on two computers last summer and it was a week before I had all my applications installed and everything set up the way I wanted.
    • If you make a system image & back up all your own files first then you could just try reinstalling Windows itself first to see if the behaviour was fixed.
    • If not then just restore the system image to get back to where you are today.
    • If, however, the reinstalled Windows does behave itself then you would at least know that this option was worth pursuing even if you don't know when you'll have the time - you can just make a system image of the reinstalled system on a different external hard drive as your future starting point then restore your original image to get back to normal-ish running.

    Best of luck,
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  4.    15 Jul 2017 #14

    Safe Mode

    First time I've tried to use Safe Mode with W10. What a hassle!! I set it up to use F8 as before - much more straightforward.

    Everything worked fine in Safe Mode. Does that give you any more clues?

    Now I'll read the other suggestions in your last post - and thanks again for your interest and clarity in helping me out.

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  5.    15 Jul 2017 #15

    Startup Programs

    Here is a screenshot of my Startup programs. Is this of any help? I don't see anything like TweakUI - but I may have installed something similar in Windows 7. However, I don't see it here.

    By the way, when I open my Windows directory (or any other), It takes at least 3 to 4 minutes before I can use it (the arrow and hourglass remain and the small mark on the left side of each folder (when you click on it, the folder opens) doesn't show up for that same 3 to 4 minutes.
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  6.    16 Jul 2017 #16

    Nisko said: View Post
    Here is a screenshot of my Startup programs. Is this of any help? I don't see anything like TweakUI - but I may have installed something similar in Windows 7. However, I don't see it here.

    By the way, when I open my Windows directory (or any other), It takes at least 3 to 4 minutes before I can use it (the arrow and hourglass remain and the small mark on the left side of each folder (when you click on it, the folder opens) doesn't show up for that same 3 to 4 minutes.
    Wow - you have lots of start up programs! You say everything works in Safe Mode so it seems something on start up is causing your problems. I use Autoruns to disable startup programs / services / tasks which are not essential - see Run Autoruns in Admin mode and check what is loading for each user.

    If that was my PC, I would ditch about 70% of what you are loading. Incidentally, I hate Acronis software with a vengeance for reasons I won't go into here and would never install any of their products.
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  7.    16 Jul 2017 #17

    Those startup programs have accumulated over time. My problem is: I don't know what many of them are for (and if they're essential) and if I disable them, I won't know what will happen if they're not enabled. Actually, I was hoping you would make some suggestions - and tell me why they're not essential. I don't use Acronis anymore so I will uninstall any Acronis programs I have. I, also, hate Acronis. Now, I'll go and read the article (above) that you sent to me.
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  8.    16 Jul 2017 #18

    Dear Bob/Nisko:
    As far as startup items go, you can learn more about them in Task Manager by doing the following:
    1. Enter Ctrl-Alt-Esc at the same time to launch Task Manager (or any other way of starting the program you might prefer)
    2. On any given entry under Apps or Background Processes, you can right-click the item, then select "Search online" for more information
    3. This will open a search on the application or process name, using your default Web browser and default search engine
    4. You can read more about the selected item using the various search hits that show up, to help you make the "keep" vs. "eliminate" decision. Of the typical resources that show up, I find, Windows 10/8/7/XP file forum, and What is this exe file? Is this file safe? Check here
    to be reasonably accurate, useful and informative.

    One more thing, if you search on a string such as "how to decide to keep or remove Windows startup items" (here's a link to that very search on Google), you'll find a fair amount of useful information on this topic available to you. I'd stick to usually reputable and accurate sources when looking for guidance on this topic (e.g.,, and so forth). Our own TenForums tutorial "Add, Delete, Enable, or Disable Startup Items" also includes lots of useful information on this topic, too.

    You have to create and follow a strategy for dealing with start-up items. Here's one I'll proffer as something to ponder:
    1. Look over your startup items
    2. Decide which ones relate to programs or services you are likely to use shortly after start-up. Keep those.
    3. Get rid of everything else, by using Autoruns or the Startup tab in Task Manager to disable them. Make a note of what you've eliminated (or take a screenshot to keep around for future reference).
    4. If you find yourself inconvenience by missing items later on, you can selectively add them back to your startup as needed.

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  9.    16 Jul 2017 #19

    Thanks very much, Ed. A lot of good information you've sent to me. Startup programs/"helpers" is one area I've never had any experience with. Now I can learn (I always like to learn and do things myself as much as possible). Of course, in order to learn, you need good teachers like you and Denis. Thank you, both!!

    Uh-oh: New problem: Ctl-Alt-Esc does nothing on my computer - does not bring up the Task Manager.

    OK - I found the correct set of keys to open Task Manager.

    Question: What happens if I disable a startup "helper" - then try to open the associated app? Will it open the "helper" by itself? If so, I could disable most of the Startup helpers and not be concerned.
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  10.    16 Jul 2017 #20

    Ha! Ha! It's always something. Fortunately, there are many ways to launch Task Manager (which I'll abbreviate as TM in this post for brevity of future mention). Here are three others you can try:
    1. Right click on the task bar. You should get a pop-up menu that includes TM among its entries.
    2. Hit Windows-key-R, then type taskmgr, and hit enter.
    3. Type "Task Manager" in the Cortana search box, then select TM from the resulting menu options.
    There are yet more ways to do this, but hopefully, one or more of these will work for you. Sorry for your trouble.
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