Greetings Win 10 Experts,

I've been building PCs for years, I'm confident in my ability to use, diagnose and resolve every major PC issue I've come across, but this situation is so unique and I can't find any similar issue in search to solve.


I built 2 pcs for my children, identical. Started with an inexpensive Dell Desktop and added ram, sshd, graphics and cooling so they would be starter-gaming devices.

One of the PCs recently has started to freeze input. Keyboard doesn't take any input, doesn't return PC Speaker beeps from trying over and over, mouse does not move at all but the system is still running. If you're in a game, all audio and video continues without stuttering. Pressing the power button on the tower initiates shutdown, it does not require a hard reset.


Its running Windows 10 64 Bit Pro. I have Group Policy setup to not automatically download Windows updates, I handle them manually myself. Since the computers are for my young children I've got them fairly restricted in terms of outgoing / incoming access (Netlimiter). I have updated all the drivers, I have run mdsched.exe, sfc /scannow, disk cleanup, I checked for high temps under load. I've done everything I can think of and yet at random the pc will do this soft freeze and require a reset.

Both computers have been running for about 4 months with this issue only cropping up in the past few weeks on this 1 PC. I've also changed out the Mouse and Keyboard in case there was maybe some errant keyboard inputs that wound up creating severe input lag but just grasping at straws.

Here is a snapshot of the hardware specs. Any ideas / help would be great because I'm out of ideas.
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