This issue started on my Win Ten upgrade desktop about 2 weeks ago. This was a desktop that had been running Win Ten with few problems since Aug 2015 and with automatic updates active. Tried all of the command line solutions, file scans, etc with no success. Reverted back to a restore point time, 2 weeks earlier, when everything was working and that solution lasted about 2 days. Then I noticed that I probably was not running the November 2015 new build, version 1511. Curious given active automatic updates. So I did the manual upgrade using the Media Creation Tool with the install option that preserved all of the currently installed apps. Did this after signing in the Administrator account and turning off Kaspersky protection. Don't know if the latter was important but the install seem to go smoother under those conditions than when signed in with my usual user account and Kaspersky Protection.

Everything seems to be faster now with fewer errors in the Windows log files and all of my apps are available and working. I might also add that I had earlier uninstalled the AMD catalyst software due to numerous cnext associated errors and have only kept the basic ATI video drivers. I don't do gaming so this is important for me.