My son who is severely autistic spends his time making endless lists. Somehow his laptop (New 24th Apr17) has changed so that the instruction Buttons are Black and the Writing on them is also black. I have managed to call up a black page for word from Office Home and Student 2007 and as below changed the colour of the typing to white but you would not want to print it. I guess the paper would be mainly black ink, also when you try to save it the title bar is still black as are the black typed letters on the black title bar.
Then he brings it to me to fix! Whether he has altered it, or it is a fault I do not know and I guess 50-50.
I have a suspicion it is both, having a faulty Hard Drive, because I can hear a distinct “POP” after a few seconds of showing a “DDE Server Windows: Explorer.exe - application error” as it starts up to an apparent normal desktop Pink screen with 18 short cuts/app tiles. As below, after having managed to either restart it, or switch it off. The pop was immediately after starting up after when the lid had been closed. Yesterday I also had a “MS. Windows- Blue- notice about checking to see what was stopping something and a countdown started and it disappeared.
When it starts up the sound is as if the main body is flicked hard with a finger nail. A previous ACER Laptop 1 month old that this replaced did the same noise, but with a blue screen, and was said to have a faulty hard drive and Money back. Using U tube on the error code above there was a mention of Hard Drive.
Whenever I manage to get it switched off, either by having a stab at where the power off button is supposed to be, or get restart of even force a shutdown and start as if normally. After the error message I get the “POP”.
I have tried getting to the settings page which is now a black page headed Settings. By using this PC as a template to guess where I can move the laptop’s white laptop pointer to and I can have a stab at a black page/screen at where I am supposed to click on.
I managed to get to a Microsoft Color Management system with a warning Triangle, but having clicked all over it all I get is a faint note sound (bong) and nothing happens.
Any Ideas how to replace the background colour in the first place, There is nothing of value on the laptop If I have to start again.
Can I do any of changes Using This PC The lap top has 3xUSB sockets, 1xHdmi socket, 1x ethernet cable socket, 1x disk drive, unfortunately I have not got any programmed disks to start again with. I will have a stack of blank disks somewhere. It also has blue tooth but Linking may be a problem.