Windows 10: Must log out and back in after wakeup from sleep Solved

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       28 Jun 2017 #11

    Correct, the tutorial I posted is for one way to disable the lock screen that's reliable.

    The other issue sounds like you may have Windows set to automatically sign in at startup, but it has an incorrect password entered in netplwiz. You can check the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer box in netplwiz to stop it.

    Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials
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  2.    28 Jun 2017 #12

    Okay, I followed your tutorial and now wonder if I should un-do the other means of bypassing the Lock Screen, or maybe they are just redundant and nonconflictive. I defer to your better judgment here.

    On the matter of the password issue, no that box is already checked. So I don't know why I continue to get an Incorrect Password notification when waking up from sleep.

    I have just put the system to sleep and awakened it again, just to check, and sure enough, my background color is messed up. But not 'universally.' Here's a screenshot of my Windows Live Mail program as it appears right now:

    That greenish background ought to be behind the list of messages, as well as behind the text in the message that's overlaid. If I were to sign out and back in again, both areas would be green. The far-left pane, with the accounts shown, is always white. As it sits right now, the page color in MS Word is also white, it should be green as well, and will be when I sign out/in.

    I got that Registry hack off another group, and it worked just fine under Vista, and seems to work here except when waking up from sleep. I did notice that there are registry color values that can be changed for a wide variety of things, and maybe I have to change others from white to my easy-on-the-eyes green. But something's hosed, for sure.
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  3. Brink's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2017 #13

    It would probably be best to undo the option you originally used as long as the task is working for you.

    As a test, uncheck the box, apply, and check the box and apply again to see if that may toggle the password issue to work properly.

    I'm not sure what's going on with the color issue.
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  4.    28 Jun 2017 #14

    Okay, I un-did the other methods for bypassing the Lock Screen, your tutorial's method is still in place and does the job. But I still get the Incorrect Password message when waking up from sleep. So either I have to sign out and back in, or just forget the sleep mode and shut the system off (in which case I get the Lock Screen anyway... Grrr). Thanks for all your help; if I ever resolve this I'll post.
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       28 Jun 2017 #15

    Have you already tried changing the password for the account to see if that clears it up?
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  6.    28 Jun 2017 #16

    Just tried it, same thing. One thing I've noticed, since I've been sitting here all day... the Caps Lock LED on my USB-wired keyboard always stayed on when it was plugged into the Vista system, but with this Win10 computer, it goes out after just a few seconds of not typing. I have already looked under Device Manager at the setting about turning this device off to save power, and it's not checked. In fact, I went down through the entire list under Device Manager and made sure that nothing was set to save power, and that the keyboard is the only device that can wake the system up out of Sleep mode.

    There's also another option I've run across under the Power Management heading, having to do with USB 'selective suspend,' which I don't fully understand, but which is Disabled. Here's how that whole area is configured:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I might try (forced) Hibernate, rather than the Hybrid Sleep mode and see what that does, but I think in that case I'd have to wake the system up using the power button on the CPU.
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  7.    28 Jun 2017 #17

    Okay, I tried straight Hibernate and, as I suspected, it's much like shutting down the computer in that it takes a bit longer to come back to life, but when it does all the previous apps are running. Interesting: when the Log In screen comes up (no Lock Screen!), it does not report Incorrect Password, as it does waking up from Sleep. But the color hack in the Registry is still nonfunctional.

    So to get the Registry color hack to work, I either have to shut down the computer completely and start it from scratch each time, or use Sleep and sign out and back in once it's running. And in that case, of course, sleep, hybrid sleep or even Hibernate is moot, because programs have to start from scratch.
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  8.    28 Jun 2017 #18

    Probably a long shot, but how about NumLock being on/off .... on one screen vs the other ?
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  9.    28 Jun 2017 #19

    Hi, Eagle, not sure what you mean. I can be in MS Word, for example, and when I quit typing, after 5 seconds the LED goes out. The keyboard must still be powered because the first stroke wakes it up. Doesn't matter what application I'm in, or how many are open, that LED goes out after 5 seconds of non-use. Same for the Caps Lock LED also. First computer I've had that did this.
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  10.    28 Jun 2017 #20

    Hey, Brink, one more observation. When the Power Options are set to turn the monitor off after 5 minutes, for example, sure enough it goes off. BUT when the computer is put to Sleep, then 5 minutes later, it wakes up very briefly on its own and shuts down so it has to be restarted with the power switch. All apps are still open, however, so it must go into true Hibernate mode. Not shut off all the way or the Lock Screen would appear. To obviate this I set the Turn Off Monitor to Never and use the blank screen in the Screen Saver menu. Sure wish MS were still supporting XP... it worked!
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