site that offered to solve my PC issues regarding lockups for $80

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    windows 10 version 1703

    site that offered to solve my PC issues regarding lockups for $80

    I stumbled across a site that said it could solve all PC crashes and screen lockups as I was having problems with a 5 day old HP desktop all-in-one with windows 10 pre installed .I had not added any new programs at all but upon initial start up it did download updates like crazy and only after half a hour the screen became locked with no response using mouse or CTRL ALT DELETE had to power off main switch and this has continued for days some time I get 2 hours until it locks . Anyway my point is that they offered to check my PC using remote access looking at my registry , event logs and admin command prompt and said a fix would cost $80.00 with a guarantee to solve the problems and no cost if it happened again . i managed to take note of what she was looking at that was in event viewer admin events the error Load Perf seemed to be of interest and in the Command Prompt (admin ) she made a tree and down the bottom it said OS corrupt .Source .Malware 82% She the text me in the message box and said my windows firewall settings needed fixing due to inbound rules and also my IP was blocked , according to Blocklist removal center and was listed in the PBL from Spamhaus ,and she assured me the problem was with the network paths IP ,I asked why there were 2 other PC running using the same router and there were no problems at all with them , she answered they would also be at risk ! So given the small description that I have written was I about to be taken for a ride because I declined on spending the money to fix it ? I aso ran a few anti virus programs and found nothing !
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    I would think yes you were about to be scammed & as you've allowed them access to your computer it may now have malware on it.
    I read somewhere that scammers can manipulate the cmd prompt to make it show what they want you to see i.e. that your device has a virus.
    Run these:
    MBAM: Malwarebytes | Free Cyber Security & Anti-Malware Software
    Eset: Free Virus Scan | Online Virus Scan from ESET ESET
    Adwcleaner:*Downloads - AdwCleaner - ToolsLib
    I'm sure others will post with more options.
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    I would erase that hard drive and start with a clean install of Windows 10. And it's a 5 day old computer.. What about the warranty? Why pay someone to fix something that is under warranty?

    With all the ransomware these days, I would not do anything until I erased that hard drive.
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    Your original post raised some red flags:
    "I stumbled across a site that said it could solve all PC crashes and screen lockups as I was having problems with a 5 day old HP desktop all-in-one with windows 10 pre installed"

    1. If the computer is having troubles at only five days old, it's likely HP's problem. I would have dumped the problem on them.
    2. Any site that claims to solve all PC crashes and lockups is a scam. They don't solve problems. They cause problems ... and you pay for it. Don't ever go near any such site.

    So ... you have a warranty, yes? Call HP's service line and get help. They likely have detailed instructions on how to restore the computer to its original state.
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    windows 10 version 1703
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    thanks guys for the advice , I have gotten in touch with the store that I purchased it from and will take it back for them to check it out ,I did run anti virus software (trent micro pro and advanced system care plus CCleaner ) which found nothing . I will wait until the store checks it out and then I will know where I stand and my next steps , they might replace it or try to fix it not sure, but I will post the out come on this thread as I am taking it in tomorrow .
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    Windows 11 Pro

    If I was the store and they do repairs on site, I would just reload the latest edition of Windows and update everything, unless there an obvious hardware problem, which is sounds like there is not.
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    Windows 10.0.15063 (Version 1703) Pro 64-bit

    Has this issue been resolved?

    I would like to chime in if possible, this is can belikely a remote control hijack application, often what crafty scammers do to prove your computer is infected with "explorer.exe" and "svchost.exe".

    This is 100% a scam, the CMD.exe tree command displays your files and has nothing to do with viruses or being blocked.

    Thread stater, if you haven't reset your PC already, let me know.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    Danger Will Robinson, Danger Danger. to almost certainly a scam and a compromised PC. A clean install would be my recommendation to be sure its clean and safe to use. I wouldn't do any online banking etc on that PC.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 22H2

    5 day old HP desktop all-in-one with windows 10 pre installed
    If you just bought a computer and are having problems with it. Just take it back to the store and exchange it for another one, don't waste any time diagnosing this yourself or sending it in to HP or having the store repair it. You have a 30 day money back guarantee or replacement after purchasing a new computer or device.
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    windows 10 version 1703
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    I took the PC back to the store . The funny thing was it did not lock up with in a hour while running at the store so a clean install was recommended , which I did BUT with in 15 mins it locked up again and continued to do so . So back to the store , the guy that was supposed to be the tech head said he had to see the PC lock up for himself before sending it back to HP ! The PC was plugged in at the store and 2 hours passed but no lock up !!!!! The guy then told me there was nothing wrong with it !!!! That got me pissed off ! So I just asked for a total refund ! which they had to comply as it was under the 14 days warranty return policy .I was given a receipt that said" reason for return " ........... customer changed their mind !!! ( lol the next person that buys that PC will be taking it back as well ) The store tech guy could have just looked in event viewer and he would have seen the relevant info related to time ,forced restart, and saying no NIC compliance blah blah Ok that won't really tell him what the problem is but should indicate that indeed it did lock up soon after been started after new install ?? $2,000 worth of PC ! if it ****s up like it did ,I'm going for the refund and look at another brand and store !! I have not purchased a replacement PC as yet but that's relevant to this thread . I thank all of those that replied and gave their advice and opinion on this matter .
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