I try to use the same basic structure on all my computers: drive C for Windows, D for games, E for user data, F for bulk storage. On my laptop (which is very much my secondary machine and rarely used) I typically split the single HDD into these four parts, but I figure that's fairly inefficient given that the spare space is split across all partitions.

I've therefore created the F partition as a token 1GB space and created symlinks to replace each of the folders in the root. I'd like to do something similar with the D partition, but that involves more folders, so rather than create one link per folder, I was wondering if I can create a single symlink for the root folder of the F partition and point it at a single folder on another partition. Is this possible?

Alternatively, I think I could remove the partition completely and then mount a folder as drive F. I've found an article showing a way to do this, but it says that anything I delete from that folder will bypass the recycle bin, which isn't what I'd prefer to happen. Is there a better way to do it?

Am I better off just creating separate symlinks for each folder in the root of the drive? There aren't all that many of them, so it's doable, but I'd prefer a single link if possible.

Thanks in advance.