I've maintained an XAMPP localhost on my machine for web development for years and never had any real problem with it. Fairly recently (within the last two or three months, I believe), the services for both Apache and MySQL always revert to a Startup Type of Manual on reboot. Each time, I dutifully go in and reset the Startup Type to Automatic and start the services. Everything is fine until the next reboot. Then, I find that neither Apache nor MySQL are running because the Startup Type has reverted to Manual. So, I do the same thing all over again. I must have reset the two services to Automatic at least a thousand times. They always revert to Manual.

This has never happened before. Is there a way:

  • To prevent them from reverting to Manual, effectively making Automatic "stick" or
  • Failing that, write a batch file to circumvent whatever Microsoft has done and reset the Startup Type on reboot?

I just know that the Microsoft software engineers spend many a sleepless night figuring out new and creative ways to make Windows less usable and more inefficient. Aparently, they strike again!