I am using windows 10 pro with 3 monitors attached to a GTX770.
2xDell U2715H monitors (1440p) - work monitors
1xPhilips 1080p monitor - client monitor.

Two monitors are used all the time for work in a dual monitor setup. The third monitor is placed away from me facing clients. When I want to show stuff on the pc to the clients, I will open the display settings and select the duplicate one of the 1440p monitors to the 1080p monitors. The display of the 1440p will scale down to 1080p. When clients leave, I toggle back the settings. The third display is only on when clients need to see something as it is a hassle for clients to come see the stuff the other side of the desk.

Is there a way to automate this process? Maybe some sort of macro/hotkey which I can configure the commands so that I don't need to go adjust the settings every time. I would just like two macro/commands that turns duplication on and off.