Hello all,

Ive got some troubles with my new laptop which I cant seem to solve.

For some reason I cant type and click at the same time, like when I use the WASD keys and use the trackpad clicker simultaneously in games. (NOTE, this is the case when browsing or whatever as well)
The issue presides when I've got my external mouse plugged in and using that, but I was really looking foward to doing some casual gaming when im travelling and what not, and would rather not use an external mouse, but right now its more or less impossible. After trying tons of stuff out I figured out a quick solution to this problem, by constantly holding down the left CTRL button, but this is of course super uncomfortable and just making me even more frustrated that I cant just find a fix for it all together.

Spent a good couple of hours trying to figure it out with loads of google searches but none of the suggested solutions work (the most common tip being to disable the 'Palm Check Threshold' option in the Advanced tab in the Synpatics Control Panel, which does absolutely nothing) and trying to find the 'Click Delay' options which apparently is nowhere to be found in the current version of Windows 10 (sigh)

Has anyone els had these issues and know what the fix is for synaptics and windows 10?

And yes before you ask I've tried reinstallating several drivers, both current and past, but this particular thing does not change.

Hope someone could help me out