We are building a new AMD Ryzen sys with 8 cores for Server 2016. I am asking which SKU for server 2016 do I need to purchase? Or a pointer to a retail website that clarifies.... We are really confused. We don't need a bunch of CAL's at this point. We just want the base server OS.

This system is purpose built for code compiling. We have placed Server 2016 (the 6 month demo version) in a VM, and have confirmed compatibility of the compiler suite we need to use.

NewEgg, TigerDirect, and MicroCenter have "Server 2016 Standard", but don't specify how many CPU cores it supports. MS now sells server "by the core"...So we don't want to purchase server 2016 Standard, only to find out that it is for a 4-core CPU when we are going to have 8.

We will be very appreciative of any and all help.