PC won't boot up suddenly Solved

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    PC won't boot up suddenly

    I was just using my PC and suddenly got a BSOD coded 'BAD_POOL_CALLER'. The PC restarted itself and wouldn't boot up anymore.
    It goes through the Windows loading screen, shows a black screen then a blue screen :

    Then :

    Then stuck in this for a while :

    Then another black screen and restart.

    The PC starts normally in Safe Mode. I tried Startup Repair(obviously) and even System Restored to a working state. Then I uninstalled my GPU driver with DDU as an attempt to see if the GPU was the problem(cuz nothing else could be).

    Now the only thing left is to clean install the Windows which I want to avoid totally if possible. Cuz II've tons of software & customization installed and it'd take a long, boring time to do them again.
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    Progressed to black desktop with the taskbar(only) and moving 'loading icon' cursor. Been stuck in that for a while.
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    Only a suggestion.....try holding down the Start Button..
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    dencal said: View Post
    Only a suggestion.....try holding down the Start Button..
    Didn't have a chance to do so. Got a new BSOD 'PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA'
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    SirDarknight said: View Post
    Didn't have a chance to do so. Got a new BSOD 'PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA'
    Turn OFF computer...turn on computer without letting go of start button....do this three or four times..
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    If the above does not open Troubleshoot Options, the link below might assist

    How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area [Solved] - XtremeRain

    Your post really should be in the BSOD Forum.
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    dencal said: View Post
    Turn OFF computer...turn on computer without letting go of start button....do this three or four times..
    I already did access the troubleshoot menu.
    Tried safe mode, startup repair. What else?
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    Hi, have you actually worked through @dencal's suggestion? Some very good ideas there which could really help you.

    You don't know the cause of this, so here are two basic ideas:

    1. Check your disk.

    Boot your PC from Kyhi's disk (available from the top of the Software and Apps section here).
    Run HD Tune, available on that disk, and post a screenshot of the Health tab.

    (Or you may be able to find a way to run a disk check whilst in Safe Mode).

    2. Whilst in Safe Mode, set up a clean boot.

    Then see if you get further.

    Note: if you can boot to Safe Mode, Startup Repair is not relevant).
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    Sorry if this isnt the correct way or place to state my problem and ask for help. I have a Dell Inspiron 3687 Haswell i5 processor which is 2 years old and has worked perfectly till now. Yesterday i left my pc on playing music..Spotify or Pandora and when i returned it had shut down. So i turned it back on and it would not boot up.It would begin to start up normally but after the Dell icon came on screen it went on the clock and would never complete the boot up.
    Initially i was able to get into the Windows diagnostics tests area and ran all of them and they found all areas were working perfectly. i checked the device mgr..no problems. i was able to run System Restore twice but it never changed my system per a message i got after it ran each time. Then i tried to use my Dell Windows disc to reset/reinstall Win 10 but the boot sequence wouldnt let it start up. Finally after trying to reboot many times without success i was unable to access the F2 or F12 buttons as i had been able to do earlier.
    During this time my 32 in Samsung monitor began showing a message during bootup that said ..."check connected device power, cable connection and source selection so i thought the monitor was the problem. i proceeded to
    1.check all cable..no problem
    2.replace the vga monitor cable..no help.
    3.connect the monitor and pc with an hdmi cable..no help
    4.check my cable modem and router with my Internet provider...no problems.
    5.connected the monitor with one of my cable boxes ...it worked as a tv set perfectly
    6.connected the monitor to my laptop with hdmi cable...it worked perfectly.
    7.replaced the batteries in my mouse, wireless keyboard and the monitor remote control ...no help
    8.tried every source available using the monitor remote ...none worked.

    So by this time i cant access the pc to try and change the boot sequence to access my reinstall disc and i still have no idea what is c ausing the problem because i cant find any hardware issue and all the diagnostic tests of the PC passed 100%.

    I am thinking about taking it to a repair shop because i am out of ideas but i dont know how they would get the pc to start if i cant. I am not a computer technician but this is the ist time in 15 years i have had to resort to a computer repair shop for help...thus this message asking for
    1.Any ideas on how to get this pc to boot up so i can at least access the BIOS...Dont know any way to access Safe Mode at this point
    2.Any ideas on what my problem is...i know it isnt the monitor or cables etc so it must be in the PC inspite of it passing all the tests.
    3.Could the VGA cable port on the pc be the problem instead of the cable? I dont think so because it does the same thing when i tried to use an hdmi cable to connect the pc and the monitor
    4.How would an experienced pc technician be able to get this pc to boot up to work on it?

    Fortunately i have HP laptop and Tablet so i can continue to research on my own . i dont have to get the pc repaired immediately
    but of course want to fix it ASAP.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide or other reference sources i could use to help me.
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    I was hoping that by now someone on this forum could recommend some steps i can take to repair my desktop pc. I outlined the problem and steps i have taken so far. I still havent found the reason for the problem or figured out a solution. I guess no one can offer me any additional suggestions to help. Thanks anyway.
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