Windows 10 Services Sometimes Not Starting

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    Windows 10 Services Sometimes Not Starting

    My Dad has a new Windows 10 Laptop that applications / browsers that use the internet - (except Edge) do not connect to the internet or work at all eg Chrome. Using Event Viewer the logs indicate that several Windows Services like Network and Browser and few others have not started at Boot Time. This situation can last for a couple of days despite regular rebooting and turning off ! The problem is the Error Message only states that the services don't start with Event Id : 7000I have carried a scan of Windows System Files : sfc /scannow but no problems were found. The Laptop will suddenly work fine for a couple of days.I would like some advice about what I can do to find out Why the services are not Sometimes not Starting / a more specific Error Message that could be fixed ??Thanks for any help ??
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    Hi Patrick Saunders. Welcome to the TenForums @PatrickSaunders

    Could you share what Version and Build of Windows your Dad is using?

    Windows key + R, Winver, enter.

    Which AV products does he have installed and if there are two are they both preforming Real Time Protection.

    I checked three machines and I don't have a service called Browser, nor Network. Lots of Network something but none that are just Network. Were you just shortening name?

    When you shutdown Windows does not actual start from anew, it use Fast Start Up to help with boot. Hold shift key down and then click Shutdown to get Windows to start from scratch.

    To disable Fast Start up quickly, shut off Hibernation. Command prompt(admin)

    powercfg -h off

    to enable same command but with the word, on.

    Before the 7000 events are there other events where files are not found like xxxxxxx.sys.

    Is anything being recorded in Reliability History?

    Have you tried resetting Network? Start=>Settings=>Network & Internet => scroll to bottom of right hand side, Reset Networks. This will causes wireless passwords to be forgotten.

    Not sure if he is using Homegroups but as a test I would disable IPv6.

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    The build is Ver : 1511 OS build 10586.916 should be very recent . We did wonder if the problems were related to this Windows Collector's update but only had laptop two days before this update although then all was fine !
    I had disabled the Anti Virus software but the problems persisted !
    Pressing Shift during Windows Shutdown temporarily fixed the problem for a short while but after a while Google Chrome and even File explorer would hang the Laptop. NB At all times the only Software to work was Microsoft Edge - but this built into OS so cannot be wireless problems.
    Before all the aforementioned Windows Event ID 7000 - there are a few Windows Event s 7011 :
    Csource : Service control manager : A timeout 30000 millisseconds was reached while waiting for a transaction from (Either : BITS / SHELLHWDETECTION / GPSVC / SCHEDULE / WLIDSVC Service ) .
    There was also a Window Event id 7046 : The following service has repeatedly stopped responding to service control requests : Delivery optimisation . Contact sys administrator about whether to disable this service until problem is identified - you may have to boot into safe mode to disable this service ) .
    I turned on Google Chrome error logging and during running in cmd I got the following error :
    Error Service 6025 : : InterfaceProvidersSpec prevented connection from Content_utility to content browser. I am not sure if this is related !!!
    What is the reliability log you are referring to ??
    Yesterday I added the extension : Adblock - to Google Chrome - to block adverts. Today while browsing this extension crashed . I have reinstalled Google Chrome 64bit for Windows 10 several times and this would also temporaily fix problems.
    It appears Windows 10 has either become corrupt or a HW issue although SFC and H/W tests come back with no problems after scan. We could reinstall Windows 10 but this is a hassle! My Laptop is similar to my Dad's : Acer Aspire with no problems! At present I am not sure how to proceed.
    Any advice would be welcome ??
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    Why is your Dad's machine running 1511 (which means it's the November 2015 release, two major versions back from current)? Here's a Microsoft chart that shows major builds in the Current Branch for Windows 10 (the consumer version, which end-users like you and your Dad usually run): Windows 10 release information - current branch, build history. My advice would be download an ISO for the 1703 version, use it to mount the ISO as a virtual volume, then upgrade his machine to the current 1703, and see what needs fixing after that. You can grab what you need at this Microsoft Web page: Download Windows 10. Then you can follow this tutorial to perform an in-place upgrade to bring your Dad's PC current: Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials .
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    You could try the Internet Connections Troubleshooter here Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\All Categories
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    I'm with Ed, this release is very old and needs updating.

    If you follow that last link in Ed's email you can also create a USB key using Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. Plug it into your machine once complete and type Setup.

    Note, depending on age of machine enter your Dad's bios and disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot.

    Would be interesting to determine why machine isn't updating on its own. That said, there are lots of mysteries in life, do the upgrade and move on.

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